I found this on NewsBreak: Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson suspended by the NFL for 6 games




So .25 games for every woman assaulted, fair.

Im sure the NFL will put out some cringe commercials condemning sexaul assualt.


Seems like the result the NFL wanted. I’ll be shocked if they appeal the decision.

They want it over and done with.

Did find this part funny:


I don’t know what they did, but it doesn’t make any sense and it surely isn’t a determent from others doing the same thing.

It’s an embarrassment to the league.


a quarter per back….


Is this the part where we get outraged?

The NFL used a chart to decide the punishment, it had money on the x-axis and money on the y-axis.


Pretty sad but expected.


I’m sure the Browns’ training staff are delighted to hear that they will be the exclusive massage therapists for this creep.


I mean is it just six games? Don’t we think last years entire season plays a factor in this suspension. I know it wasn’t a league issued suspension but it feels like a time served scenario.

Seems like a 23 game suspension for me. Idk maybe my thinking is wrong. I hate the dude and think he’s a scumbag, but they were just civil lawsuits. If what he did was so bad why didn’t a single one pursue criminal charges?

23 games is one of the longest suspensions in league history I believe.


Disgusting. Just speaks to the hypocrisy of the league and why they shouldn’t be taken seriously on anything. It’s why I don’t ever buy they salute to service stuff or breast cancer awareness stuff. They don’t give fuck about that stuff….they just care about the money that it will generate among people who do care about those causes. I go and donate directly to those actual causes.


How in the unholy hell was Ridley suspended an entire season, and Watson gets …


That’s right.

It’s about the money.


It’s hard to stomach.


I thought the fact that he already sat for an entire season might be part of the explanation. If it is, I haven’t seen anything that alludes to that.

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The Browns should hire 3 large, hairy male massage therapists asap!! lol no temptations for Watson. Although he might be into that as well.

It is a fair point, he was basically suspended last year, but he still got paid, so does it really count!?

I mean yes and no for the reason you stated. Still missed 23 games due to this direct situation. But like I said it was also just civil lawsuits. And as far as I could tell, he didn’t force anything to happen (I will admit I didn’t look into the details much).

If what he did was so off the charts terrible why didn’t a single woman pursue criminal charges?

And again I want to reiterate, I HATE the guy. Didn’t like him before this and this just made him that much more unlikable.

I wish there was a criminal charge. Then I would also be as upset as others are. But how upset are you if this kind of thing continues to happen, yet you still support and love the NFL…doesn’t really make sense IMO :man_shrugging:t2:

Two grand juries declined to pursue criminal charges due to lack of evidence.

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When it’s a he said, she said and for a conviction, you have to prove beyond a preponderance of the evidence . . . hard to do. No cameras, no witnesses, just he said, she said.

Jacking off in front of someone, exposing yourself, putting their hand on your penis and other offenses are all considered misdemeanors in Texas.

No one knows why the grand jury to indict, not allowed to discuss.