WCF and Martha napping as the Lions burn

I mean, we all knew this right? Octagenarian and Nonagenarian dilettant 3rd generation 1% of 1% wastrels barely able to get a 20 watt bulb burning between them…thats who has been piloting the ship like Jose Fernandez…

No more? Maybe. This is me being the most positive about a Ford since I was positive I’d never buy a Pinto, which, btw, is the automobile spirit animal of the Lions…

Excerpt from linked article on Spielman/Sheila aka When Harry Met Sally The Sequel…

This is gonna be more of a sell, but hear me and the people I’ve talked to out. There’s a different feeling in Allen Park.

When Sheila took over the Lions Franchise June, 23rd, 2020 she came into a situation that was the constant theme was the rotation of coaches, and recognizing the problem after it was already happening. She ended up firing Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn in November of 2020.

Source, “Sheila was embarrassed by the lack of containment of the problem, that was Matt Patricia, and Bob Quinn.” - Bob Quinn fired Jim Caldwell for Matt Patricia because they finished 9-7. Source, “Caldwell should’ve never been fired, but lack of awareness by ownership they (Martha) allowed it”

The Hire Of Chris Spielman;

The hire of Chris Speilman was shocking, and yet people didn’t know what he was doing. Source, “It’s a hire that had to happen, because they needed a football guy who can read the room to make sure nothing like Patricia happens again, That was a Sheila move” — The source indicated, Sheila looked to the Ilitch Family for advice.

Spielman hired to rework broken ulture


Oh, and much like the day WCF got the Lions, another slightly more publicized national tragedy happened…

June 23rd 2020 would have been my 30th anniversary with my miserable ex…

Unlike Kennedy, looks like I dodged a bullet there…
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From what I hear things are different under Shiela in Allen Park. She’s more involved and she wants to be involved. However I also hear that she takes a back seat and allows the staff to do their job. She doesn’t interfere. More like she just asks questions but then accepts the answers given to her.

I think that’s where Spielman comes in. Her and Wood recognized they needed a football guy that they trusted in the building. A guy who reports directly to them. Spielman is supposed to be the go between. The voice on her shoulder.

The Fords made a mistake when they hired BQ. From day one he was walking around Allen Park trying to sell MP to anyone who would listen. He wanted MP there and he brought him in at first opportunity. When things fell apart the Fords had no one they trusted to explain to them just how bad BQ and MP were. So they gave them a pass until it became obvious there was a real problem.

I do not know if they have the structure needed to turn it around but it’s definitely better than what they had before.

Spielman is the key if you ask me. He’s the check and balance guy.


When Barry was being interviewed a few weeks ago for something likely Superbowl related, they asked about Detroit and his involvement in the search… He casually referred to Holmes and Campbell as being hired by Spielman, or “when Spielman hired them” kind of comment.


When it happened, one of our guys said, “Speilman hired himself.” Suuuuch an accurate statement.
Speilman & Coach Dan are so similar…then you get a bald dude for icing! Couldn’t be happier.



This is interesting topic to me because as soon as MFF took over the narrative of her driving wanting a winner was a loud narrative but it struck me that it would require a lot of stamina and presence to make it so

In that way , I didn’t really buy MFF as driving force for change on her own though I think she did want to win and take care of players.

The positive narrative jumps to Sheila yet imo she’s not free and clear of what happened. She had no influence during MFF run ? If we could so easily see how badly BQ and MP were beating the spirit out of their players

  • did she ever talk with Matt Stafford ? Did Matt really only feel comfortable enough in his career to eventually ask for a trade while he never was comfortable enough to report to ownership what a crap show Patricia was as coach ?

I like what Sheila is doing but at same time
To win
These owners are providing resources. They’re spending on and off the cap. Let’s see if Detroit is really going all in - will they keep this core together ?


Yep - no surprise here…

I wrote way back them to watch Shiela after I research her upbringing…. She knows what she doesn’t know and admits it and the goes about to fix it….

As in recovery, sometime the best thing that can happen is the worst!

We had to have Sheila see the old ways first hand and realize it was ducked up…

She had to die to live

R he Lions have died for the last imho and will now rise from the ashes stronger and better now!


I don’t think Martha was expecting to be involved outside of the team being in her name. Jr was supposed to take things over. Remember him?

His failure pushed her to take more control. Someone not ready to do it. She at least knew she needed help and went to the league for it when she had to replace Mayhew. Unfortunately she got screwed with the Quinn recommendation.

I think Shiela benefited from knowing it was going to fall to her, quickly. Mom was figure head while she learned what she could.

Here’s hoping it works out.


Maybe it’s also Woods wake call as the money guy learning football.

Did he manage the asset well under his watch if they can’t raise ticket prices ? If the asset isn’t growing at the same rate as the rest of league ?
Is that lost revenue significant to the lions?

I’ll never understand the Calvin thing and I wish I knew who really called that shot snd what their reasoning is and if it would be the same decision today ?


Seems like the kids were playing hot potato with the franchise and Sheila lost.
Now, she has to learn to be Jerry Jones. It’s YOUR TEAM, stick your nose in everything!
Use Speilman and Sanders to learn everything you possibly can about the game.
And, if you can’t, or don’t want to do that, sell the team.
Sheila, you personally, are 3-13-1. How long would a coach last? By Lions standards, you have 2 years to go before you’re fired!


Way back last offseason I saw an interview with Barry where he made it clear that “they” were not working in the same capacity with the Lions (meaning Sanders and Spielman). Barry was quick to point out that Spielman was heavily involved and wielded real power in the organization, while Barry said he was just there for support and to be another voice when called upon.


Translation…Geting paid to just go be awesome! I want Barry’s job!

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He’s just an ambassador. He shakes hands and shows up to sign autographs. He doesn’t really do actual work for the organization.

Spielman has an actual office. He comes to work everyday. He helps the staff when asked but his main job is to observe, translate and report to Shiela and Rod.

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So his job is to call bullshit on posers.

Yknow, I woulda thought we’d have had that position after Millen and Marty/Mooch/Rod…


Who am I kidding. FORD!


Yeah, Speilmans job is to know football for Sheila and Rod.


That pretty much sums it up. That’s his main purpose.

From what I understand he is willing to help the staff anywhere they need him to. That includes scouting, reviewing film etc.

Smartest move: going to the illitch’s and asking for guidance. If there is a ownership out there that is the standard in multiple sports on how to run an organization and putting the right people in charge it’s them.


I love this so much. I can just hear Illitch now…

…As he pounds on the desk with each point made, Illitch continues…

“…and then…you’re gonna want to round out the staff with people who want to be part of a team and buy in …full commitment…fair guys that will love the players, have been in the battles, and aren’t asking players to do anything they have not already done. Guys that know X’s and O’s that are full on honest and committed to THIER OWN GROWTH, as well as the growth of the players!”

and continues…
“Call me before each step is made…”
…and as Sheila begins to exit…
“Oh, and one more thing…Make damn sure they Love Detroit and have emotional ties to not only winning, but winning here!”

Sheila feels overwhelmed as she closes the door, and hears Illitch cough, and through the cough could swear it sounds like “Speilman!” with hand over his mouth as he “muffles” his “cough”…wink wink.


They got Yzerman from a Championship situation that he actually built. While I’m not a big fan of Availa…they got AJ Hinch, which was the smartest hire they have made since Leyland


I’m not sure now I feel about Availa either.

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