We are going to beat the **** out of the Falcons next week

I think I’ve calmed down. This was a one off. The sky is not falling. This is more motivation for us.

This team was not going 17-0.

The Chiefs are 1-1. Bengals are 0-2. Bills are 1-1. Those fanbases don’t think the sky is falling. So why should we?

We’re going to destroy Atlanta next week.


Bengals should worry they are 0-2 with two division losses.

Atlanta is playing well. It will be a close game. They are probably favorites.


Atlanta will not be favored, probably Lions by 4 to 4.5 in Vegas.

Atlanta has to beat someone good still and win on the road. The schedule for first two games was kind to them to get off on the right foot this season.

Now I think it will be close as I have no faith in Lions D and their QB will break contain at least 5 times that game for big first downs.

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Game #1 was the D
Game #2 was the O
Game #3 is ?

I hate to say must win game so early in the season. But you can’t lose back to back home games to start the season and expect to win the North.

Gotta ■■■■■■■ win next week and I think we will.


I think we win. We have controlled both opponents running game. We just cant get middle pressure or consistent pressure beyind Hutch.

I dont want to say This Guy sucks or That Guy does because of the run game success, but There Has to Be Some Pressure going forward. Blitz Barnes more…play Rokwara over Harris more. Get that Hutch/Commish stunt game going…Branch coming off the edge.


But I think because we can hold up to ATLs running game we will beat them in the air and make Ridder make miatakes.

But I’m pretty meh on Glenn, DBs, and MCDC today. They all had a shit game.


This team should have had all the motivation in the world to crush the Seahawks today. This team has beaten you twice in a row and kept Detroit out of the playoffs.


Sadly the old man PC is owning DC. That’s 3 straight.


Yep. And Glenn has given up 136 points and 1,400 yards in those 3 games.

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We are improving, they didn’t even have 400 yards today! :wink:

By 2035, AG’s defense will easily shut down Geno Smith!

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Lions will be home team underdogs. ATL has only given up 34 points whereas only 4 teams have given up more points than the Lions.

It’s not “sky is falling” to recognize where your team is after a good barometer game.

Special Teams. Which means FG kicker.

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Robinson may have a big day, I think we struggle while Monty is out.

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Excellent question.

Considering detroit is 4.5 points favorite right now that line is not flipping to Atlanta favor.