We are going to pick #2 overall for sure

Jags are not going to beat patriots or colts . In a way it’s good that it wlll force us to pick the beast thibodeaux over Hutchison

Would the Lions trade to #1 to grab Hutchinson?

We definitely have the draft picks to do it if he was the guy Campbell wanted.

They’re not trading up 1 spot for a guy at the same position.


We win out and we might end up 4/5 now?! Or tie will now keep us out of the number one period

In fact- mathematically speaking, only five teams are now in contention for the tops pick…,

We will not win anymore this year , trust me. It can only if other teams all get infected Witt Covid

Can’t do that …


Will be pissed if we beat gb because they are resting everyone and Jax beats the colts because they are resting everyone. I either want to go 0-2 or 2-0. None of this 1-1 bs.


Since you added “trust me”, of course I’ll believe anything you say. I am curious though. Why do you think the Lions with Goff back at QB can’t beat a dispirited team like the Seahawks in Seattle?


This team plays tough, doesn’t quit and has, I can’t believe I’m saying this, good coaching and a sound gameplan for every Sunday. They could easily win the last two, and I’m 100% ok with it if they do. Would love to end up with Hutchinson or Thibodeaux but I’m sure we’ll get somebody good even if we pick a couple spots later.


LoL. Yup. Adults running the show?

Next step, crush it in the draft and FA…and if it’s not too much to ask, could we get some uniforms that look like football clothing instead of pajamas? LoL.

Knit-picking already

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I think other players are going to want to come here because of Campbell. Because of the culture they’re building.


Yes! it’s fun for players when coaches trust, by going for it on 4th, fakes, etc

Also…the way we develop talent will literally help people to have a better career


[quote=“BIgLIoNsFaN, post:2, topic:13485, full:true”]
Would the Lions trade to #1 to grab Hutchinson?

We definitely have the draft picks to do it if he was the guy Campbell wanted

There isn’t one WOW player in this draft. There’s not. It’s going to be the worst draft in a decade or more for top end talent/difference makers.

The Lions look like they will be drafting #2 barring some low probability string of events.

Why the hell would a team in full burndown mode give up draft capital with the above two facts in place?

Terrible idea. Turrible Turrible Turrible

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OTOH, it’s a nice draft for filling holes with high upside guys down to around pick 40. I’d like tonsee the Lions somehow end up with 4 picks in the top 35 if possible and 3 in the top 25 if they can w/o dealing away draft capital in the top 3 picks of this or next year’s draft.

Theres 4 guys who could go #1. The 2 de, ot, and of course theres always a qb if someone falls in love
With one. The jets have 3 1sts? Someone else besides the lions have 2. 75% chance hutch is there at 2

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I hope we win one more, pick 3 4 or 5, and maybe take the top rated LB or safety… or maybe even WR? Long way to go

I’m with you. Hamilton is going to be a star. Ending up at #3 is fine by me.


While funny, I think they seriously need to change those damn pajama uniforms. They look like crap compared to the rest of the league. Even the icy white combo looks like crap in person.

A “rebrand” would be perfect for a culture change. Honestly. Not like changing the name or colors, but maybe a slight adjustment to the logo and new uniforms. Font is fine.

Get some uniforms that embody the culture we are setting. Old school block numbers. Simple shoulder striping. You don’t need to sell tickets with flashy jersey design. Some of the best jerseys in the league are the simple ones.

At the very least change the number font. That crap is unreadable.

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If we win one more game we will stay right where we are now, #2.