We are undefeated in week three

We are undefeated in week three, It feels like we should be able to give ourselves a break until we at least lose a game. It sure doesn’t feel like we’re undefeated. What say you?

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I say F how “great” we are and get ready to face The Eagles. we haven’t done beat enough teams to pat ourselves on the back yet, IF we do.

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I think it comes from not trusting the lions. Us lions fans are hard to please sometimes we sometimes get mad at how we win. The way we tied the cardinals really left a sour taste in the mouth of alot of fans, and now they thing the season isnt going great because we are not 2-0.

It feels like we are improving. It also doesn’t feel real, just yet. When Marinelli had a team that started well, and finished like 2-6 to have a horrible season. I felt it happening, even when we were winning. We were creating turnovers and winning that way. Lions fans are conditioned to feel pain and suffering.

I think we are unticking. Our DL hasn’t scratched their potential, but with 2 major players coming off of injury, they’re not fully up to speed yet. I suspect our D will be top 5, before this season is over, and we will wreak havoc on the 2nd half of our schedule. If we can manage 3-2-1 after this initial stretch, I think we’re in great shape. Even 2-3-1 we are still in good shape.

I think the division is completely up for grabs. Literally no clear advantage (or disadvantage) for any of the 4 teams, at this point.

I think we have a great shot!

I’m surprised and happy that we are 1-0-1…but let’s be real here, we’ve won one ugly-ass game and basically gave away a win to the a rookie QB and Head Coach.

I’m not gonna get overexcited yet.


Truth! I expected us to start out 2-0, with hopes of 3-3 after the first 6

Arizona only lost to Baltimore by 6 points. Arizona has a solid chance to beat Carolina this week.

San Diego will end the year with a winning record.

I’ll take ugly wins and a tie over losses any day.

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Also, I feared that the Lions would start 0-5.

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Meh, they don’t hand out division titles in September.


I like the balance of the play calling.

We were almost 50/50 pass/run last week. I don’t remember the last time we saw that.

That said, growing pains.

I’m also afraid we’re not going to peak until 2020.


There’s a lot of work for this team to do.

Pass rush and QB pressures are a serious concern.

Run game is mediocre.

OL play has been subpar. Especially at OT.

ST has been poor all around. Rumor is Agnew is going to start this week. I can’t believe he isn’t being benched.

We’ve played well enough to be 2-0 and poor enough to be 0-2. So we have a lot of work to do.

I do like our chances against PHI.


I’ve got $50 that says San Diego won’t win a single football game this year.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, but early season wins matter in getting home field advantage later—a lesson Mayhew learned the hard way in 2014 when he tried to go cheap at kicker and cost the Lions the home game vs Buffalo.

I’ve made that same mistake multiple times.

I agree with this. I also think the peak will be high! This year, we sneak into the playoffs. Next year, we get closer to the peak…REAL contention.

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I’m watching the LBs.

Davis yr 3, Tavai yr 2… good depth…

DL will have worked itself out.

This is how you win.

Still pissed we tied Arizona. We kicked thier butts till the 4th. Happy we stole one from LAC though.


Yup - we will definitely see who gets signed. A’Shawn and Daniels could both be gone, both be back?
Hope they prove themselves.

Robinson I think has been better then snacks so far. Dline has been very overrated so far this year. LAC ran all over us, and we are getting no push at all.


We had Murray running a lot, and you could tell that we contained him by design, rather than rush in a straight line to the passer. I was okay with that. Vs Chargers, I was disappointed. I thought we were going to run the football up Rivers’s ass sideways!

Pretty sure Snacks is gettin chipped and doubled a lot more than the other guys, but i totally agree that he’s not himself, so far. I think he will be. IMO, still too early to tell, but i really did have higher hopes for them.