We are winning this game tommorow and here's why


The greys are coming out of the closet for tommorow.

Yes I’m bummed it’s not the throwbacks.

Yes, we have a pretty good win percentage in the greys if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, we already lost a game in the greys this year we should’ve won.

Yes, we’ve lost our last 5 on Thanksgiving.

Yes, we’ve never lost to the Bills on Thanksgiving.

Also when’s the last time the Lions won a game that would give them this much momentum should we win tommorow?

We’re due.


The Bills walked into the LionsDen last week, when the Lions were out slaying Giants.

The Bills are walking into the LionsDen this week, and the Lions are waiting for Buffalo meat!


When’s the last time a Lions game has been so…relevant? on Thanksgiving

I’m expecting the crowd to play a HUGE role

Dammit let’s do this, right?


Not since Caldwell was HC

I am just happy its not a division game this year. Sick of seeing bears or packers on thanksgiving


Agreed, but I’d like our chances better against those two.


Every fan at ford field should bring a brown paper bag mask…if we win crumple them up and throw them on the field. Won’t need those anymore.

It will be like CMU with the toilet paper in the 80’s

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That’s true. But did you believe at a gut level in Caldwell and the team? I hoped but always felt the Lions were pretenders and would always be with Caldwell. Holmbell just hits me different.

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This play pretty much sums up how I feel about Caldwell’s coaching decisions:

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Oh, no, flashback, flashback… Those are the old Lions, not the Lions with hope and an upward trajectory.