We Can Now Sign UFAs no affect on Comps

At 4pm today signings now don’t affect comp picks

Based on Over The Cap we have 3 comp picks
Kenny Golladay Third round pick
Marvin Jones Fifth round pick
Jamal Agnew Sixth round pick


Have to assume one of the earliest 3rd round comps for Golliday right?

I thought we got one for one of the coaches too?

IIRC it was second after Fitzmagic

I don’t think so an i think just for HC

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Under the revised league policy on “Equal Employment and Workplace Diversity,” the employer-club of a minority who has been hired as a head coach or general manager by another team will receive compensatory third-round draft picks for each of the following two drafts .

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The wording is a bit confusing.
Basically what this means is the Rams get comp picks, not the Lions. (If we’re talking about Holmes)

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Ya I was wondering on that too?? Still doing some more looking

As messed up as it may appear, that is exactly how it is. The Rams we’ll get a 3rd round comp pick in the next two drafts for us hiring Holmes. This is a weird rule has it basically eliminates Anybody hiring from within their own division because who would want to give Green Bay two extra 3rd round draft picks for example


The intentions behind the initiative are good, but god lord is it bassackwards. The “hiring” team should be the ones to get the compensation.

You have to pan out a bit on this one. If you’re stocking your coaches’ and front office rosters with minority talent and providing their initial opportunity, then you’re rewarded.

When they worded the way you suggested, Marvin Lewis lambasted them. The idea that a team needs a hand-out to incentivize hiring a black head coach is an offense. The way it’s worded now, those that created a diverse staff to begin with are rewarded.

I actually like the rule. They’ve got to find a way to get similar versatility in other parts of the labor force. Plus when we get things rolling we’re likely to benefit from the rule.

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