We finally know what the Detroit Lions’ ‘villain’ mentality means


I think you could replace Villain with Play Maker and get the same description.

But I also think it has multiple meanings inside that building.

1- no one wants Detroit to be good so they have to be villains and steal it
2- they will go against the “accepted norms” and do it their way

I actually think the player “Villain” is not the first reason but something they decided to put out there.

Holmes is way more devious than I had even grasped originally. I thought the Lions we getting a really smart, conservative, button down type. And Holmes has way more to him than that. He is also a marketing guy who is building the Lions Brand. And doing it strategically. Not be accident. He does things with great purpose.


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I think we cracked the code last year. Its an acronym of the traits they are looking for. But it also has an alternate meaning that I think Brad and the gang love being coy about. The way Brad described how they came up with it, it almost seems like they listed a bunch of things they were looking for in players on a whiteboard and it kind of “clicked” that it could spell VILLAIN. So they wrote “VILLAIN” on stuff to remind themselves of what they were looking for.

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So this is how I find out my wife is a villain?

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I thought it meant, “stealing the best players in the draft while everyone else (almost) is thinking you’re stupid”.

I thought it merited its’ own thread because people might not see that in a reply.

It definitely does.

So basically draft Sewell every year… roger that


You can see where Brian Branch checked every box as well. Nowhere does it say “great 40 time” or “really tall.” There isn’t even one that says “high production in college.” I think that’s why Brad and the guys loved the concept so much. They START with this checklist before moving on to the other things. It helps center their focus on the types of guys they are looking for and not getting lost in the other details of the evaluation process.


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