We have beaten one winning team

We have lost to no losing teams.


Could have division wrapped up, so it might mean nothing at all.
I just, yeah, I’m not sure we’re a great team. But I’m loving the opportunity for a chance. Just a chance!!

Honestly, I will put zero effort into stressing about how good or not good this team is
We are only in year 3 of this rebuild
Division title, at least 1 playoff win — any more than that is gravy for this young team

8-2 feels great
13 wins feels like a regular season floor
Incredible turn around

The BIG test comes next year with a first place schedule :+1:

It’s just nice to be relevant

Let’s remember the years of heartbreak before the Wings finally won
Enjoy the ride!!

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(Sorry, I was just reading how some posters that I really like (e.g. @CuriousHusker , @QBHATER90 ) can be a db sometimes. Can I now also be called a db (sometimes?).

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Dallas hasn’t beaten any team with more than 4 wins.
Giant- 3-8(twice)
Jets 4-7
Chargers 4-7
Rams 4-6
Panthers 1-9
Commanders 4-8


How are you all not embarrassed by this?
Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 4.32.24 PM

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This winning team drum needs to a

Stupid and no correlation

My gawd who the F cares? More than half this forum shits on me for calling out the coaching deficiencies, and our GMs missed opportunities to upgrade or reload positions that matter.

I’m a “know it all, long winded, couch GM…”

Sorsdal played at William and Mary, Bro Mart at Western Kentucky, Marvin was the oldest WR in the league and E Moseley and his torn ACL were supposed to upgrade and backfill?

We rushed for 2K yards and 23 TDs last year at 4.5 ypc and both our LBs played solid overall with Barnes as a returning backup.

Yet we chose to ignore Buggs, Jacobs, Comish, Big V as intended starters? Weird that counting in UDFA level talent in more than 1-2 spots is a risk?

Many said 11-6 or 10-7 in a shit division months ago. That’s what the trend is. The contenders added all pros, we added a WR4…. We can site DPJ stats but he’s behind ASB, Reynolds, based on paybRaymond and hopefully Jamo

I’m glad we have a winning team, but our OL is aging and beat up… we have no DL a bunch of FA coming due and minimal draft capital.

Never sure why this wasn’t our window.

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Chargers are 4-6…. today.

After tomorrow… they will be 4-7… when Ravens beat them.

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Buggs was good last year. Commish was good last year. Jacobs was supposed to be the no 3 but Moseley had a setback and then hurt his other knee. Glasgow was signed as Big V insurance.

One contender added an all-pro. No one else added anyone that’s even been to the Pro Bowl the last two years. The Ravens did nothing. The Cowboys did nothing. The Chiefs added a WR4 much like the Lions did. The Jags added a backup olineman. The Dolphins added Chase Claypool. The Bills added a CB who’s been on seven teams in seven years. The Steelers did nothing. The Bengals and Browns did nothing (their QBs got injured after the deadline but they were contenders at the time). The Vikings added Josh Dobbs. Only Seattle, San Fran and the Eagles made significant additions.

You make a fair point about drafting Campbell, that one is a bit of a headscratcher, and there is an argument to be made for keeping Swift and not drafting Gibbs, although it’s getting weaker every week, but I disagree with just about everything else.

Jackson is the only significant free agent this offseason. You can count CJGJ if you want but since he’s only played two games it won’t be a loss if he goes elsewhere because we never really had any benefit from him being here in the first place.

The Lions have more cap space than 21 teams. Yes, Sewell, ARSB, McNeill and Goff are all due extensions, but there will still be plenty of cap space available if they all get new deals. The draft capital is no different to any other team picking in the 20s who hasn’t recently traded away any top talent, we will hopefully have to get used to that.

I don’t think Holmes and Campbell will ever put all their eggs into one season. The Steelers and Ravens approach of building through the draft and investing in the future seems to be the way they’re doing things.


It’s like everyone in the media forgot about the Schwartz / Mayhew era. When we first turned it around and clinched the playoffs for the first time with a young Stafford,Calvin, suh, etc… everyone talked about how Schwartz had changed the team and culture, and how our future was bright. And it was… except we missed on draft picks, let vets get old and injured without replacements, etc and they got fired. Then we quickly turned it around and went 11-5 with Caldwell and had the same talk in the media. Then we made a million roster mistakes and it evaporated.

Dan and Brad have turned this around… but they had a ton of assets. Have they done enough to really compete with the big boys? And if not… Are they going to make enough right decisions to keep getting better? Or will they stick to signing 1 year contract free agents, or will our future drafts be filed with arsb picks or jamos, or low impact guys like jack Campbell? Time will tell. But don’t be crowning them yet


hilarious, bro

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you guys are all defensive backs? Just what the Lions need. Now we just need to get another de

I don’t think anyone’s planning a ticker-tape parade because the Lions are 8-3. But as a one-time, long-time Rams fan, I dang well know that it’s WAY more fun to be 11 games into the season and NOT be wondering what draft slot my team will land and which savior they might be able to draft.

I also know, and you do too, that “turnarounds” are far from guaranteed.

And no, Brad and Dan didn’t inherit a ton of assets. They inherited a mostly-crap team w/no cap space and created additional draft capital by trading the biggest player-asset they had.

Sure, no one knows what the future may bring (though I say: don’t be shocked if the Jack Campbell and Jameson Williams of 2024 are a BIG step up from the Jack Campbell and Jameson Williams of 2023). While we wait to find out, I think the turnaround you acknowledge is well worth celebrating.

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