We have for one year are big fast WR I want one in draft 32 or 34

I am leaning towards 32 for Big fast WR reason if we nail one we have first rd options for 5th year an they are bigger cost than some other position like Safety.

The ones i am considering
Drake London Height: 6’5″ Weight: 210 pounds

Treylon Burks Height: 6’3″ Weight: 225 pounds

George Pickens Height: 6’3″ Weight: 200 pounds

Christian Watson Height** : 6’4″ Weight** : 211

These are ones I like an one maybe two could be there at pick 32.

I am leaning Pickens an Watson I doubt London makes it to pick 32

Did I miss anyone to be considered Watson will not make it to rd 3 an I already said reason i am looking at pick 32 fifth year option

Is London fast? Or just big? Even Burks and Pickens didnt blow me away with their 40 times. Now Watson otoh…

I like all of those guys myself. In that order as well. I’d take all of them with 32 except Watson.

London may go top 10.
Will almost certainly go top 20.
Will definitely go top 30.
No chance he gets to #32.

Pretty much ditto for Burks too.

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Agree, London and Birks will be long gone by 32. Give me Watson
“Watson was freakish in his scores, not only running a sub-4.4 but also exploding through the jump drills. But it wasn’t just super impressive testing numbers, Watson also shined in drills. He looked smooth, fast, and strong in the Gauntlet, was impressive in the 15-yard square-in, among others.”