We have the first non-sexy pick, who is it?

Say the first five picks are
Bryce Young
Anthony Richardson
CJ Stroud
Will Anderson
Jalen Carter in no particular order.
You have 6, you can’t trade down.
Who are you taking?

I suspect, Spoon, Gonzalez, Skoronski, and the DE’s (Wilson, VanNess, Murphy) will be mentioned. Maybe Levis for a few of you? Bijan for a few more? Or even WR. Who you got?
Yeah, i want a trade down too, but say you can’t.


I’m taking Wilson all day. The teams pass rush potential would be insane.


I’m not trying to be a jerk on this, I promise. My apologies for not adding anything of substance to the topic.

In this scenario, my answer is “Whomever Brad and Dan want.”


Of course. Me too. But since its three in the morning and dreams can’t be far away, pretend that Brad and Dan can’t make up their mind and just looked over to you and say "who would you take?


Then in this case I’m going Wilson. Just to get another guy behind Aiden and the rest of the DL guys. Then trust those two for the rest of the draft.

My only concern there is, is he Day 1 starter. I want a Day 1 starter at 6. But you won’t let me trade down or up so that’s the answer I have to go with.

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alot depend on how many snaps houston will get. and will ROkwara be fully recovered. and if we keep commish. lots of q’s for DE.


Agreed whole-heartedly. And don’t forget Alim either. That DL is looking good ASSUMING everybody is back and ready to go (healthy). But you left me no choice, because personally I am not taking CB or OL at 6.

At 18, maybe a different discussion but as you said originally, I’m trapped in a corner with no room for movement at 6 so I went with adding to a weaker group behind the front 4 to make both groups stronger.


I’m going Wilson and not looking back!

You can never have enough pass rushers and he would be a great compliment to Hutch.

In fact, he is the guy I want at 6.



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Gonzalez. The D needs balance.


I really hate this spot, but for me its Witherspoon. I’m looking at where there will not be a comparabe player at 18 or in the second round. Maybe it is Wilson, but you have VnNess and Murphy. I almost said Brian Branch because he’s a plug and play slot corner or maybe box safety, and you’re not going to find one close to him later. Is too early for a G and you have a few. Bijan crosses my mind, but Im not sure he’s so far above the round 2 RB’s. Levis is the one QB left, that is far above the others, but he’s the one I;m not sold on. LV will get him unless Atlanta loves him and trades with us. So I guess its Spoon for me.

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I don’t think Witherspoon at 6 makes sense
His size and playing style suggest too many games on IR leading to a short career

Wilson is probably BPA

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I would go Spoon myself.

But if free agency goes the way I suspect it could then CB might not be Holmes plan at 6.

I think at six we maybe selecting BPA.


You guys see these QB contracts even though I like Goff but when you look at things financially this has to be discussed.You can resign a lot of our homegrown talent if you have a QB on a rookie contract next year.Im not a huge Levis fan yeah he looks the part and has a big arm but he doesn’t have good vision and awareness in the pocket.I don’t know just hard to pass up a QB prospect when hopefully the Lions won’t be picking in the top 10 again for awhile.

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DL or OL


I think they will have wilson and skoronski ranked higher than the corners.


right. are you saying you would pick Levis in this situation?


So Wilson or Skoronski?

Probably. But are we still in the player acquisition or BPA mode?

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