We lost today with a lot of talent on the bench out

I was most worried about our G’s out. We sure paid a price in the first half, but I thought they played a touch better in the 2nd half. Maybe having Von Miller out helped.

And not having Okukah out hurt certainly didn’t help. But could Okudah have helped out the run support more? maybe Allen’s scrambles?

And Pascal (the DT) out didn’t help. Hutch plays better with PAscal.


Hutch clearly has an ankle or something. Some limping and much-reduced speed.


I noticed that too.


I noticed that as well, will be interesting to see his play use for this game compared to others. There were numerous times I looked for him and didn’t see him on the line.


With 10 days to recuperate, I think Hutch will be back to normal by the time the Jags travel from Florida.


What sucks is that we most likely win that game if we had brown and Jackson. Who wants to bet me Campbell doesn’t run the ball on that 3rd and 1 if he has both starters in at guard? He probably runs it if he had just had Jackson playing.

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I’m wondering if we see Julian okwara put on IR today and Houston signed to the roster. You can’t keep that guy hidden on the practice squad anymore.

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