We need a custodial crew to follow Jack Fox around

Not sure the British navy would accept Dr.Frank N Furter…though the FBI promoted J. Edgar Hoover to Shadow President, so I guess it couimpresses.

Personally, I don’t think the Dr. would be impressed.

Ever heard of guys like Jim Brown, Earl Campbell, Ray Nitschke, Alex Karras, Joe Schmidt, Night Train Lane, Mackey, Ditka, Butkus, Singletary, Bambi - Bilitnikoff, Blanda, Darryl Lamonica, Hogs OL, Dan Dierdorf, Conrad Dobler aka “the Biter”, Deacon Jones, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Alan Page, Johnny Unitas - Who once deliberately told the Center to let a guy through the offensive line, whereby Unitas deliberately threw the ball as hard as he could directly at the oncoming rusher’s nuts…Johnny was a very accurate passer, too., Lyle Alzado, Ted Hendricks Ray Guy, (Heck All the old Oakland Raiders Teams), Ronnie Lott, etc…A few, very few players transcend Era’s…Suh, Barry, Jim Brown, Payton, Unitas, could play in any Era…With the exception of Dobler, all the above guys are in the HofF. Some of the meanest, dirtiest, greatest players to ever grace the playing field…And they are just a few off the top of my head…

Most of the guys you listed, I watched play, and a larger portion of them are not that long removed from the league. As for the older guys, they wouldn’t have gotten close enough to Barry Sanders to read the name on the back of his jersey.

If you re asking me to believe Yost Lary could play S, PR, KR, and Punt in today’s NFL, forgive me if I have a rough time envisioning that.

I love a lot of those dudes you mention from the late 70s and beyond, but to deny the talent has escalated and evolved is bypassing.

People are getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Earl Campbell and Jim Brown could play in today’s NFL. The average player from their era could not.

Doesn’t he also have the most passing yards for a punter this season? :smiley:

Ah yes, the US gov’nt. The guys who did such a fine job protecting my security clearance info. It makes sense now.

Respectfully, I’d estimate 75% or more of the players listed above, nearly all HoFr’s could play today. But they were the Best of the Best. Am not disputing the physical size/reqmts of the position has evolved over time. I was making the point, that these players were every bit as tough and “mean”, if not moreso than today’s prima donnas. Back then guys were lucky to be paid $15k for 14 games per season and 3 playoff games. Rules were different, penalties were more subjectively enforced, equipment/pads/helmets were primitive. Lineman were 275 lbs average, 300lb was rare (Big Daddy Lipscomb- Colts/Jets). Speed of the game has improved, marginally. No one today could beat Bullet Bob Hayes from the 60’s. Track stars generally flubbed making the transition to the NFL and had short careers - Earl McCullogh, Javid Best today et al. Taken together, IMO, Elite guys then and now, are still elite, the vast majority of yesteryear’s Gold Jackets would still be stars, but not necessarily Hall of Famers.

Regarding Yale Lary, he wouldn’t be a Return Specialist today. He could still play Safety at an Elite level. Heck, he had 50 interceptions, which is phenomenal, considered he played in a Rushing Ground Control era, < 25 passes per game by either side. He could easily have been a backup Punter, while playing full-time Safety. The more I think about it the more I believe he could be a full time Punter, as well as play Safety. In fact, I think there have been other players that have done the same thing…Lion Great WR Pat Studstill also Punted…Paul Hornung, says Hello, too…

Completely agree.

:+1: Agree

I think a lot of 'em could too.

Bottom line for me → things are different now. Offenses WAY faster and WAY more complex. Everyone now bench presses a Volkswagen and runs a 4.4 forty time.

Love the story of this guy. Muuuuch respect. He wouldn’t be close to the same if inserted into today’s game. Power backs used to have long and fruitful careers and get by on being tough guys…not anymore. Every team flat out plans on their RB getting hurt and has multiple backup plans. How long would Jim Brown last in today’s NFL? Not sure? Could he still play? I’m thinking he could play and do well. Most definitely not the same. Dude was 6ft2 and 231 lbs.

I love the old school tough guys. HUGE fan of that shit. Also…players are evolving. Suh would have thrown those people around like children. Barry would have averaged 300/game against them.

The middle school football teams I coached were not that far below the high school teams I played on. INSANE difference.

I would argue players were “dirtier”, back then…See example, of Unitas infamously throwing a bullet into the crotch of that DT. That slowed him down and Unitas & his OL loved it…Insert Suh, as you proposed, and I would argue the same thing would happen to him, too…Back then, guys played according to the “Code”. Players policed themselves internally & externally…Assuming Suh stomped on a player back then, opposing players would retaliate in a scrum or more obviously, for others to see. Karras never took any guff from anybody. He earned respect. Nobody messed with Mongo !!!..Players also would target opposing players deliberately. Anything to WIN !!..That includes Forearm Shivs, De-Cleaters - Jack Tatum / Lester the Molester, Face Mask infractions, Head Butting, Biting - Dobler, etc. Players policed themselves. It was a Rough game back then. Team Speed is faster today, more athletes, few grocery baggers - Ram Hof QB…Bo Jackson was/is the Only person, who could approach Bullet Bob Hayes - Dallas WR HofF on a fly pattern.

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Yup - it’s evolving. I have this conversation with younger dudes once in awhile. Lebron James would go home to his psychiatrist every time he played the old school Pistons, and Jordan would eat his heart. Some of that factor would apply.

thing is…Suh isn’t Lebron. Suh would thrive in the environment you describe. His aggression is bound by today’s muuuuch softer rules. Lebron gets fouled on the wrist and comes up checking to make sure he doesn’t have a nose bleed (I can’t believe more of his fans aren’t embarrassed by it). Also - Suh would be the bully out there with those ppl. Police whatever you want, he’s 40% stronger than them, and he would have teammates too. Suh IS the enforcer you describe.

Not even one vote. Just don’t seem right.

What, no Herman “Thunderfoot” Weaver??

Thunderfoot is Fox, bro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whoa, no way man. Foxy deserves more than a recycled nickname!

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Good point

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