We need a Rb

More pressing needs that RB in my opinion. I think we need more help on both side of the trenches and then someone to stretch the filed at wide-out.


I’m of the belief that RB should be a higher priority. I like Kerryon but feel he’s best suited in a rotation.

I like Swift the most of any RB in this draft. I think he’d be a nice compliment to KJ.

Taylor is the RB that I want the Lions to get the most. I think Swift is a more complete back but I just love how Taylor runs. I hope we trade down and stock pile picks so that we can take a guy like Taylor in round two. I love his home run ability.

Dobbins, and CEH would be my next two choices but I’m not as excited about these two as I am Taylor & Swift.

I like Akers in round 3.

Moss and Dillon after them.

I doubt anyone else in this draft would help us.

With the loss of McKissic we should be looking to add a RB. At least a 3rd down back type at the very minimum.


Absolutely concur Air.

Taylor is my number one RB I want to see in a Lions uniform. That was even before he blew up the combine. If we truly want to pound the rock, this is the guy. I will be surprised if he doesn’t go late in round one tho.

So sick and tired of all this garbage about getting a solid RB on day 3. Really? How has that worked out for us so far, and don’t bastardize it with the insanely stupid second round picks we have made in the recent drafts. Taylor is on a different level than those wasted picks.

I’ve been pounding the table for this kid for a while now, just not on here. As much as I want him, I’m guessing our second round pick will be the defensive line again.

The way I see it, our backfield is ridiculously cheap. Less than 5M for the entire POSITION plus our starting Fullback.

KeJo - 1.77M 2nd Rounder
Carson - 775K FA
Bawden - 771K 7th Rounder
TyJo - 718K 6th Rounder
Bo - 675K FA

Quinn wants to run the ball. MP wants to run the ball. Bevell wants to run the ball. KeJo is decent when healthy, but just finished up year 2 and has missed 14 games. Bo was a nice surprise and probably due for an extension to lock him up but again probably quite cheaply. So another 2nd round type investment doesn’t seem like a luxury. It seems like with this being this staffs make or break year and how a top level back can really change the game so to speak, it’s my bet that we don’t play around at the position with a guy who “might surprise.” I think you go get an impact guy. A trade down and adding picks takes the sting out of it, because I know we also need defense badly.


this is it for KJ he either proves he can stay healthy or he’s gone, no more of this half season shit. Bo is nice, but we need an absolute stud @ #1 RB. We are going to run RBBC, but your backs MUST be productive or be of decent use or they aren’t going to do a damn thing here…

I favor Johnathan Taylor over them all in the draft, but would not turn my nose up at Swift or Dobbins…but our existing unit is a house of cards.

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I agree. You need a platoon in the NFL if you expect to have a strong running game for 16 plus games. I keep KJ to play out his contract because he cheap and good when healthy, but he can’t be the #1 (and only good) option. Swift/KeJo/Bo + Bawden is a good rotation with TyJo on the PS.

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I agree about KJ, but can’t be a feature back unless or until he proves he can play the entire season or vast majority of that. when he got to Detroit I thought for sure we had our # 1 back locked down , but I never forseen that he’d play only sporadically and he’s on a short leash with me ATM.

I agree with you folks about KJ. Love when he is in the game, he just isn’t there enough to truly be a good back.

Really don’t have a preference from the draft. There are things that i like about many different prospects.

He doesn’t have to be the featured back. He just has to log the snaps he can log, while Swift/Dobbins/Taylor/Akers/Moss due the same. Bo can be the short yardage guy and for your 4 minute offense when you are ahead. Whoever is the best between the top 2 guys gets the most time when they are both healthy. At some point the #2 guy will likely have to be the #1 guy. It would just be better if the #2 guy was Kerryon and not Ty Johnson…


we’ll see what KJ does 2020 style.

Taylor in rd 2, IF there is a trade back in the first round. Otherwise, I’d go with Akers or
Moss with that second 3rd rd lick from Philly

Bingo 3rdRGR. Someone will offer picks for Tua. Trade down, add picks. RB in 2nd. Aside from a shutdown corner or a difference maker on the DLine with the top pick, a home run hitting RB like Taylor or Swift would make the biggest immediate impact on W/L’s next year. Taylor’s film is exciting. He is never caught from behind. That puts tremendous stress on a defense and keeps them from pinning ears back to take shots at Stafford.

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I don’t see it till day 3. Bo and Kerryon, both faulted with some upside. A depth choice only adds to the options if one or both of them falter. Don’t think we’re looking for a bell cow at this stage in the game. Run by committee.
But yeah, If we trade down, like I’ve said before, its a game changer I think for this team. We could go RB much sooner in that case.

You know, this will be my last comment on it but in your own words it doesn’t matter what you believe, it only matters what the Lions believe so I’m not sure why you are commenting at all.

Some teams can get away with this, but we are not one of them, get a true lead back instead year after year having all these second rated RBs. We haven’t had a RB with the ability to break off a 50 run in years and years. Our greatest hope now is the get to second level before there tackled.

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no thank u, KJ runs high and will always get hurt, plus he has little burst and can’t out run anyone. He has good vision and patience. But his lack of speed will keep him avg. And his running style will aways limet his season.

Was starting to watch some of Moss. He’s an intriguing guy. Physical runner with a nose for the endzone. Also have been checking out CEH, (no homo) and man… I really like him. A little small, but plays bigger and adds to the group between the end of round one and end of round 3.


I absolutely don’t believe that this staff is going anywhere if they get to 7-9, this whole “make or break” rhetoric is pure BS by the Lions and Martha. But, the need at RB is real, as is the need at many other positions. If we get the trade, sure, 2nd round make your pick. If not, I like the depth at RB in this draft and I think there are some great choices later in the draft. Considering the number of picks we have right now I could see us moving up to grab one that falls, the most likely being Dobbins as a late 2nd rounder IMO. I think Bawden could be a casualty because he had zero carries, 4 receptions and Bo could fill that role. I would also extend Bo. That they let a RB go and haven’t seriously pursued any in FA probably points to them having something in mind with re to the draft, we’ll know soon enough.

You don’t have to believe this:

In a meeting with a small group of local reporters, team owner Martha Ford, vice chair and daughter Sheila Ford Hamp and team president Rod Wood elaborated on the decision and expectations going forward.

“We expect to be a playoff contender and those are our expectations, which we’ve expressed to both Bob and to Matt,” Ford said.

I do. Is 7-9 a “playoff contender?” If 8-8 gets you in, then I guess so? Bottom line is, IF you are BQ do YOU assume it’s BS?? Because HIS calculus is the ONLY one that matters. I’d say he feels a sense of urgency and since a lot of his moves have either not worked out, or he’s replaced high priced players that were supposed to work out and didn’t, I think he’s going to do all he can in 2020. If you think he’s going to be business as usual, taking TE’s at 8, trading players and saving cap for 2021, then ok, but I totally disagree with that. It would not surprise me at all if he is holding some cash back for a late signing as he’s done several times now. But those moves ARE coming IMHO.

Bawden and carries means absolutely nothing as he’s a FB (that Quinn drafted). The only reason he wasn’t our starting FB is because he got hurt. Bo is NOT a FB, he’s a big RB. When have you ever seen him as a blocking FB? Never. When we had Bo and KeJo, who played FB?? Bo? Nope. It was Nauta or Dahl. He may be dumped this offseason when roster cuts come around, but it won’t be to move Bo to FB, it will be to find another FB.

maybe you missed where ’ I ’ said “this is it for KJ and I think he’s a goner IF he doesn’t play the entire season” followed by " no more of this playing part of a season BS." ?? “KJ has to prove he can play a full season and cannot be counted on as our #1 back unless he proves he can.”
remember that?