We need to play .500 ball during the first 8 games

We then will have a legit shot at the playoffs. I still believe in Quinn and I expect him to find us another steal from a bad team via a trade that hopefully gets us a guard and/or a top notch WR. Patricia is still a question mark as a head coach but he does know how to coach def. I so badly want to stop wasting money on the Lotto and use that money to bet on the Lions. I fear that betting on the Lions would take away from my true fan enjoyment of the game and with my lack of luck, Stafford goes down with a major injury for most of the season. Should I or shouldn’t I bet the over???

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I agree. Schedule is by far toughest early on. Also, we’ll be learning a new offensive system.

Our D should be really good, this year. O should be improved, especially in 2nd half of season. Our guys are tougher now.

If we don’t implode @ RG, we could have a nice season.

I’m gonna be the first to predict 10 wins and playoffs.

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Take the over but realize that injuries are part of the game.

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  1. Right now, the betting on the Lions is at 6.5, I’d take the over on that and put down big money. If my wife would let me, lol.

  2. A trade is always possible, could also be for an LB but I ain’t counting any chickens cuz the Lions ain’t that deep to where they can trade way somebody without leaving themselves thin at that position. Maybe they give up a 2020 draft pick, but I don’t wanna do that unless these guys are SB contenders. Which IMHO they ain’t quite there yet.

  3. If Stafford goes down, they’re fucked. BUT - he’s one tough mofo, and I don’t see him getting pounded as often this year cuz he should be throwing it a bit less and getting rid of it sooner. Play action will sometimes buy you a bit more time, and I’d like to see him roll out a bit more.

  4. .500 thru the 1st half would be good, I’d like to see them go on a roll going into the playoffs. Don’t tell me it can’t happen, it may not be probable but it is possible.

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Man, we have a rough start. If we play .500 through the first 6, we have a bad ass team!