We’re # 1…in off-season spending

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Hopefully everybody is buying Lions gear nowadays

I think he is trying to play the contract year game.

If I was him I would never pay Dak. I would pay Parson now and Lamb maybe.

If they do not win it this year he is going to bring in a new HC and he is thinking long term on why would he shackle a new guy with Dak?

Fully disclosure I do not think Dak is even top half in the league. I have an unhealthy dislike for him for reasons that I can not understand. I think it is how he and many act like he is elite when he has never done anything at an elite level except maybe crappy end of game decisions.

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And we still got 40 million in cap space.


And most importantly we are spending wisely imho


He’s a cowboy…what more reason do you need?


Not sure if they track this sort of thing, but I would think we would be approaching a record. How often do teams give out three top of the market deals to three of the highest paid positions in the sport in one offseason.

If Decker or Alim get extended, that number will only get bigger.

Kudos to the Fords for stepping up to the plate.


Watch Brad rollover some cap space this year and next to cover the extra Goff cost in 2026. He is saving it in case he needs it, but also has good future use for it. Brad is gonna sign all his guys. Have his cake. And eat it too.


By being the lowest today, he’ll be the highest tomorrow. Hopefully it comes back to haunt him.

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I think he was saying they were “all in” on who they have and the current staff. Not that they were going to go out and spend wrecklessly or make crazy trades.