We’re fortunate to have Stafford!

I understand many folks on here were/are ready to move in from him and it puzzles me.

Nope he hasn’t lead us to a division title or playoff win yet but I look around the league and see a bunch of abysmal mediocre type QB’s and it just makes me thankful to have such a pro like Stafford on our team.

I can only imagine where we would be without him! Probably on the Miami or Washington level…

Once again he’s having a great year without a dam running game and a terrible defense! It would be great to see what he could do with both of these just once!

Put him on a team like Buffalo or even the Bears this year and he definitely wins playoff games!

Save the draft a young guy and put the $$$ elsewhere on the team crap for a rainy day! That rarely works in this league!

Just wanted to show my appreciation for this guy cuz imo he doesn’t get enough of it in this city!


Stafford is not the problem on this team. He’s better than most in the league at the position.


Stafford threw 4 TDS against the Vikings. The defense gave up 42 points and like 10000 yards and Stafford stood up at the podium and said he did not do enough to get the job done. This guy has become a solid leader and I am thankful we have him.


Stafford has outplayed Rivers, Wentz, Mahomes and Rodgers in consecutive weeks. He drove the team for leads in the 4th quarter against KC and GB, but the defense/refs kept us from winning those games. He kept the Lions in the Mind game despite not having the running game, protection or windows to throw in that Cousins had all day. Tying a QB to the success of the team is ignoring all of the factors to winning in the NFL.


For me, it’s never been about Stafford himself, more about the way I would prefer to build a team. I don’t like trying to patch a team around a 30 million dollar QB. I’d rather build a TEAM and add the QB down the road for cheap. Just a philosophical difference.

As you can see, no matter who the GM or coach is, we are still missing a defensive line, pass rusher, have no running game and have a mediocre linebacking corps. That’s a lot of holes to fill and we don’t have the cap space to fix all of them.

Good teams can get away with being average or poor in one or 2 areas. This team consistently is average or poor in too many areas to compete.

On another note, I don’t think we have the owner, or front office to do this the right way anyway, so my way probably wouldn’t work here either.

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Who has that approach worked for recently?

We have competed in every single game and the Vikings games our defense didn’t compete. Think you are overlooking the impact that injuries are having at key positions and then also how teams are planning for us. KJ wasn’t completely healed either mentally or physically as it turns out from his knee injury last year AND teams were consistently stacking the box against him. That’s plus he wasn’t hitting the hole as hard. Hand and Daniels are really needed out there. Getting guys back healthy will allow guys to go back to their natural positions. DK is a marginal starter at times. I agree out LB’s are poor. But they were better last year when the D line was healthy and taking up blockers. The key to the defense is the dline. We rotate a lot of DT’s and right now we have snacks ashawn and undrafted rookies in that rotation.

Not saying winning rings, but competing. Off the top of my head…Rams, Chiefs, Eagles, Bears recently. If I took the time, I’m sure I could name a few more.

Competing in games isn’t the same as competing for division titles or more. Sure we have lead the the 4th quarter in every game except vs Minny. Then we either tied or lost 3 of them. Some of that could be due to poor depth and getting gassed. Or some of our higher priced guys haven’t shown up to play football.

Every team has significant injuries. We just have a problem of always having little to no good depth. Hell we entered the season without a single viable back up QB or RB on the fucking roster? That’s just stupid and irresponsible.

Vikings lose Cook, they have a back up. The Vikings recently won playoff games with their 3rd string QB. That’s called good quality depth. Hell, half of our starters are below average. What do you think happens if any of them go down? What happens if Stafford goes down in week 1? I’ll tell you. Season = over.

We have just a handful of players taking up half the salary cap and when you have guys like Flowers, Snacks, Wagner, Hock, Kennard, Davis and Sam Freaking Martin eating up like 60 million dollars in cap space and producing next to nothing on the field, it’s hard to build good depth.

Bottom line, our GM is not good at recognizing talent. He overpays for everyone and reaches on most of his draft picks. It’s a bad recipe. When you add Stafford’s salary to the mix, even though he’s done his job, there is very little flexibility left.

We could build around Stafford and his contract no problem with a good GM.

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That’s the key. Since the ownership has spent 60+ years hiring the cheapest, least qualified GMs and chasing the next great QB, I’d like to try another way.

Stafford is Quinn’s best commodity and he had nothing to do with getting him here. Stafford is also surrounded by a ton of guys who soak up millions and do next to nothing, which is 100% on Quinn.

That’s why I said, if it was up to me, I would build a team, then draft a QB or 2 to add to it, but obviously with a GM that has a freaking clue. Not this empty suit who sucks at his job.

Completely agree. Would we be competing for the division if not for phantom calls that arguably took 2 calls away from us (undebataby 1).

100% agree. While there aren’t a ton of backup QBs out there, and most teams would be screwed if they lost their starter, we have literally nothing. Not even a bandaid that could win a game or 2. And we released some decent backup RBs. I think we have talent and depth at DL and DB, but daaaaamn, we had so many DL go down that it created an impossible situation.

That said, we have better depth and talent than last year, by far (headed in the right direction).

This was interesting to read. I’m not a cap person, and learn almost every time you guys post stuff like this. I thought rookie contracts were very cheap, and I was surprised to see Hock on here. Martin is a definite asset, but what is the dropoff, and how much money can we save, if we replace him? I dunno? To me, this is the problem with replacing systems every 3 years…How long does it take to get depth and talent AND the right type of guys? I feel like we’re getting better, and headed in a very good direction. Definite work to do.

Quinn’s draft picks have worked out pretty well, for the most part. I hope KJ is okay and doesn’t end up being Best#2. Roster still needs help, and OL will help everyone else.

Uh, Mahomes was a #10 OA pick, Goff a #1OA pick, Wentz #2 OA (after Goff), Trubisky a #2OA pick.

All of those teams went after a blue chip high salary QBs

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You might want to check their actual salaries and get back to me.

Matt Stafford’s cap hit was 16.5 in 2017 and 26.5 in 2018,

Goff’s 7-9ish in those years.

What player or players could be acquired for 9 million in 2017 or 17 million in 2018 that makes this team a Rams level contender?

So the perfect plan is to build a team that sucks bad enough to score a high draft pick, then hit a home run on the QB pick? I mean, that IS a good plan. But I think it really depends on a LOT of luck. I can think of a lot more teams who that didn’t work for then for whom it did over the years.

I thought you were saying do a more Trent Dilfer with the Ravens approach or Brad Johnson with the Bucs. Thats worked, but a loooooooong time ago and not often.

Also, what do you think these teams will do when these guys DO become expensive if they haven’t won the SB yet? Trade Mahomes or Goff? I don’t think so. They’ll sign them to a monster deal.


Completely agree with all of this.

Goff already got his monster deal and Mahomes is coming this offseason.

In the case of both Goff and Wentz, they’ve already signed huge extensions but the salary cap ramifications won’t come until next year 2020 for Golf and 20 21 for Wentz. But just as an example, Goff’s salary cap number will be over 36 million dollars next year in 2020.

You take a franchise QB every chance you get. The idea that you build the rest first is nonsense. Even with a top talent you need an awful lot of luck to win a championship. Having that piece in place allows you to get on a run if the other areas are competitive