We’re fortunate to have Stafford!

IF your Leadership is suspect AT ALL, your team is to. you have to have above average Leadership TO build the foundations of your Offense, IF THE FOUNDATION is strong, the players behind it can be standard or above and do ok to produce and win.

IF the foundation of your Defense is solid, then the OTHER players should be no less than “serviceable” and above that skill-wise. you cannot lose one or two players and have the whole thing fall apart! you cannot be that easy to destroy or disrupt ! or other areas fold until your DEFENSE implodes !!! quite a bit like WE are seeing here in 2019 ! The cornerstones and building blocks have to be no less -than “fairly solid” !! same with the front office and o-line and offensive players…you get disrupted easy by A player or two going out on injury , the remaining parts start to wear and fail until it’s in ruin !!

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Stafford is on his 3rd HC and 4th OC in 10 years. No QB is going to be successful under those circumstances. You don’t go through that many coaches and overhaul your roster like the Lions have done if you have a talented team.

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Our QB have never been the reason for our poor records overall - period.

Better to go complain it’s too sunny out on a nice day!

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Unless your name is Andrew Luck or Aaron Rogers