We really did want another corner

The #Lions have signed CB Michael Jackson to the active roster from the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad.

The team also announced that DE Austin Bryant, currently on Reserve/Injured, will return to practice today.

Hee hee!


Does this mean no slay for a while?

It must be hard to get picks with only one glove.

Not to mention his slow backpedal

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Very true, but check out his body control on the sidelines.


Awesome. And he’s already got the right attitude about playing for the Detroit Lions.


Will we see Romeo Slay Virgin Michael Jackson with his Ford and a Killebrew in his Strong Hand as he Diggs for Snacks and Flowers. May have to Walker on home to Austin for Miles with a bottle of jack Daniels and fire up the Coleman and toss the Wilson football down the Hall…

Okay, CAF and Diggs is gone! Is Strong back on the PS?

Good to have Bryant back. Time to make that second half push.

I agree, it’s good to have Bryant back in the fold. I thought he was an underrated pick. There were reports that we had inquired about Chris Harris, but the cost was too high I guess. Not sure if they were looking at a backup plan if they traded Slay, or just looking to add a better starter across from him. I do appreciate that we don’t have a GM that will throw the farm at a position just to get a little better. The potential Gronk trade that was supposedly on the table would have been a stark departure from being smart trade wise, but I’m ok where we are. I guess I ask “are we a SB team?” If the answer is clearly “no,” then I’m ok making smart moves to get better faster in the near future. We’ll see.