We should TRADE- JOkwara to CHI 2025 5th or CAR for CorralQB

Okudah for a 5
Swift for a 2025 4

Chicago has Sewells bro & St Browns bro and a need for depth.

Throw in Stenberg too. Stenberg & JOk for 2024 7th & 2025 5th.

Wild. They get all the lesser versions of our guys. The Don Swayze’s and Kevin Dillons.

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Like it happened already? Or you’re starting rumors again Jman?

Maybe time for a poll :grinning:


Ah I got duped


It didn’t happen…YET
It SHOULD happen
I WANT it to happen
I have no source that it will hapenn
I love beans


LOL. I’d throw Andrew Cuomo in there.

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You had me at beans!


30 days ago it would be April fools!! :crazy_face:

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that used to be us.
Boss Bailey.
there was another one i’m forgetting about.

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wasnt my intention man

more beans, less rice that’s my motto

Dan Gronkowski LOL


I know who you are thinking off and the name is escaping me, too. Was it Terry Fair? Or the less talented Ismail?

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Yeah, make a division rival better.
Awe, hells no!

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Why the hell would Chicago make this trade? Maybe they can throw in Darnell Wright while they are at it.

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Surprised you didn’t ask for Justin Fields or DJ Moore

for me, it’s yes’n’no.
More beans to trade for higher beans (back to less beans, but better ones)


Why not? Green Bay gave us a helping hand to get Brian Branch. They seem almost pleasant now that they dumped KAaron.
poop GIF

in case you haven’t seen

Eddie Payton

Tavai has a brother. I mean, he was a UDFA, washed out of the NFL and played for the CFL’s Lions, but we got the worse one, incredibly.

Joey Harrington has a sister. We got ■■■■■■ on that one too.

Though, we did get Bennie Blades instead of Brian.

LOL. At least her effect was neutral on the Lions.

@Jman nailed it - Dan Gronkowski.

Terrence holt. Safety…