Trade Down w Philly 2 for 11 and 14. Hey, it could happen. They could fall in love with Hutch ot Teebowdough…maybe we throw something in…whatever. GitR Done

1.11 Garrett Wilson
1.14 Devin Lloyd
1.24 David Ojabo
2.33 Daxton Hill.
3.x+++ Trust Holmes


Trading down might be more realistic now for sure.

On a different note, how about Charles Harris today! He was a beast. Up to 7.5 sacks this season and he was in Murray’s face all day.

Props as well to JRM, he was all over the field today.

Both will be free agents next year.


Garrett Wilson makes me very happy.

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He is so unbelievably good.

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Only take Wilson if you know you can still get Lloyd at 14
Raiders could take him before that if they pick 13

If Raiders take LLoyd, then take DT Leal and beef up the DL. Hand gone, Williams will be gone, Strong gone. Lions need a DT, either through the Draft or FA. Alternative, if they are fixated on LB could be Dean(Georgia).

Also, LB Brandon Smith & S Brisker should be available at the top of the 2nd Round, providing flexibility.

Drafting WR Wilson & LB Lloyd would be Awesome. LB Lloyd is a 4-Down LB playmaker. I’ve seen him several times out here in LA, Utah vs. Oregon. He’s extremely fast, good anticipation, hits hard, intercepts the ball. He would be THE Guy the Defense rallies around for years to come on the Defensive Side of the ball, IMO. - GOALPOST

We must get a stud reciever, linebacker, edge rusher, and a qb to be at least a good backup…I say backup because it doesn’t look like a very strong draft class at qb for a starter. Maybe with a few years of development but there’s no sure fire no.1 qb to draft as of now.

I still would like in this order:
1a, DE
1b reviever or LB
2A LB or reciever

And if they fall in love with a qb he slides into 1b or 2a slot, linebacker to 3rd round.

We have so many needs it’s going to take a couple drafts and a few great free agency signings.

Assuming they bring Anzalone back… I wouldn’t want a LB in 3rd round.

If they can get an athletic stud in late 1st or 2nd round… I am all for it. Unlikely to have a game changer off ball LB slide to round #3 these days.

Fred Warner is an anomaly these days, as almost all top LBs are taken in top 2 rounds.

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I agree with ya, I wanted Micah Parsons last year. It’s been so long since we’ve had a stud linebacker. Someone offenses have to plan around. I would not be upset if that linebacker is there around the 5th pick and they took him. We just have so many needs, other than the o.line. I just want game changers, a stud. I’d love it to be a linebacker if one is deserving. There’s going to be a ton of recievers at 1b, or 2a spots.

I’d dig it. Who is Philly moving up for?

Hope we do NOT draft a QB with Rams pick or the 2nd rounder

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Us, duh. They’re moving up so we can have more first round picks to mock.


In your scenario…

3a Phidarian Mathis DT Alabama
3b Charlie Kolar TE Iowa State
5. Dane Belton S IOWA
6a Joseph Ngata WR Clemson
6b Cole Kelley QB SE Louisiana
7. Isiah Weston WR Northern Iowa

Good thing we don’t have Justin Fields to throw to him

I like it but extremely doubtful Ojabo will be there at 24…

This would be a nice haul. Traded down with Houston so they could get Thibs. MSUs Reed hiding there with the last pick.