Weasel's Evil Queso

It’s that time of year. Weasel, could you share your Queso recipe with us again please.
I used to have it, not sure where it is now.

Weasin’ the juiiiice

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Only two things I remember is not to cook Chorizo naked and that I am too white for half the ingredients


And to wash your hands after handling hot peppers BEFORE you go to take a pee!


Or better yet, just wear gloves.

But yeah, I remember that thread and the talk about cooking chorizo naked. That was a classic! LOL

Correct and I’ll take tour word for it…

I used that stuff on my honeymoon.

Don’t cook the chorizo naked.

Don’t make the full Evil version for Scandanavians, Communists or the Amish.

Don’t add CBD oil. Seriously.

Ok, now that we have the ground rules established…

One brick Velveeta, cubed. Yes it’s not cheese, no I don’t care. You want farm to table, go grope a cow.

One jar HOT Pace Salsa
One medium white onion, diced.
One pound chorizo, beef if u can find it.
One or two Cubanelle or Anaheim peppers, diced.
One or two Serrano peppers, very fine chop.
Juice of 1 small lime.

That’s your base. It all goes in a microwave safe crock or bowl with the chorizo, which you have previously browned and drained 1/3 the fat. Use the other 2/3, chorizo is fattier than Aaron Gibson during his playing days or Scott Mitchell after his.

Also add at least 1 full teaspoon of cumin and of Tajin. It’s a chili lime seasoning, you can find it in most grocery stores now. Extra Wokester points for actually going into a Mercado for it.

Add ground cayenne pepper to heat level desired. Those serranos will have a fresh heat poppin, remember.

All of that together, microwave, occasionally stirring. When nearly melted, add finely chopped cilantro, stir again and complete the micro-melt.

Use your favorite non-generic ass tortilla chips. Splurge you cheapskates! If you live in West MI, it should be El Matador chips or I will f-ing haunt you after I die…which you should look forward to since that is when the Lions will win a Super Bowl.

The bad news is I plan to piece by piece Cyborgify myself for longevity, so hope you can last until 2183. Resistance is Futile.


Thanks Wease!

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If anyone is like my wife and hates velveeta, making a quick roux/ bèchamel would be pretty easy, FWIW.

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Fancy Dan here! You gonna curate the cilantro and make sure it’s a conflict free lime too?


LOL. A lot of time at home means you learn how to cook! Thanks, epilepsy.

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And when you say roux, you mean like when the Raiders say “we roux the day we traded for Antonio Brown!” Right?


Almost as cheesy as weasie’s queso, I love it!

Speaking of Raiders and regret, below is the stadium as of around a week ago. (Taken from The Rio.)

He only uses Free Range Organic Peppers too :wink:

I wish I had that budget! :laughing:

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