Web Page Scrolling Instead Of Pages On The Lions Game Day Thread

Hi, The Den Detroit Lions Message Forum Members! I really should have posted this topic a few days ago, but I notice the Game Day Thread last Sunday after I posted, and throughout the game and afterwards, is just one long web page. One web page that we have to scroll down continuously to see and read the narrative of then Lions @ Eagles by the registered users including yours truly.

I am wondering if the web master can divide the longer posts such the GDT be divided back into numbered pages like it was before in the past Lions The Den Message Boards? I see the GDT on average is 25 to 45 pages long (approximate guess), and I hope I have to hold my ‘down’ button on the right of the web page to scroll down long threads such as the GDT from my Apple Mac. I, and I believe other members here on the board are used to seeing threads filled and divided into separate web pages.

I hope all of you understand my concern on the web page issue, and I also believe all of you understand, and hopefully this doesn’t happened during the rest of the Detroit Lions 2019 NFL season. GO LIONS!!!

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Mine updates regularly where it takes me to the last post I read. I think you have to be logged in though. No issues for me.


Oh, don’t jinx it! We are on a winning streak. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was weird at first but now I like it. You get to quickly scroll through and see all of the conversation you missed.

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Pages are so annoying, this setup is much better. It automatically takes me to where I left off reading the last time I was in that thread…much more efficient IMO. Vote NO on pages :joy:


Yea, mine will take me to the last post. In a way this is better. In some ways I preferred the pages

Id also vote to keep the current format. I like the fact you can see peoples responses as the game is going on. It makes it much easier to follow, and you dont have to worry about stepping over what someone else just said but you didnt refresh so you didnt see it.

I know it can get pretty long during a game, but its fun being able to see the ebb and flow of comments as the game goes up and down

I agree - I liked this new format from the getgo … much more efficient imho

Plus, love the slider bar on the right. Great for long threads.

This. I thought I would have to scroll through 500 posts, but then saw the slider and BAM. Just like that at the end of the thread.

In general I prefer the long format as well
But …
I was going to take a first peak at the game thread at, like, 4:30.
There were 1,000+ posts in the thread
At 4:30 you’re just wanting to see the last dozen or so posts
Unless there’s a way to jump to the end, I quickly quit scrolling
In that use case it’s painful

At least on my computer, the “End” button also accomplishes this quite nicely.

I like the way it is just fine.

Use the “End” button on the blue scroll bar.

Ahh ok
Didn’t see that
If that’s available I’m good

Didn’t find it but did find “jump to” feature
I’m good
No doubt will bump into end feature at some point

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It sucks if you don’t visit every 5-10 minutes. I got on in the late 3rd and took a while to get to the end to see what everyone was saying about whatever play just happened.

Maybe a ‘jump to bottom’ and ‘jump to top’ option???

Are you talking about mobile or desktop? Have you see the blue timeline scroll bar on the right?

I have not, does that mean I’m on mobile?