Wednesday Injury Report

Lions injury report:

LB Jarrad Davis (ankle) Limited
LT Taylor Decker (back) Limited
DT Da’Shawn Hand (elbow) Limited
CB Rashan Melvin (knee) Limited

Davis seems to be moving around better, he might even play on Sunday, but I’m not counting on it.

Decker, I dunno when he injured his back, might’ve been before the Arizona game or shortly after it started. He did look like a guy with a bad back trying to get by.

Not expecting Hand back for another week or two.

Melvin was Limited last week and still played. Doesn’t mean he will this week though.

Who is Deckers backup?

Crosby is the only backup tackle on the roster

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Woof. It’s going to be a long season if Crosby has to start for us.

Matt Kalil is mediocre at best, but I’d much rather have him as a backup.

Dahl did play some LT in college.

Wiggins has played a little as a backup OT, don’t know how much or how well.

Wiggins played 44 snaps in preseason at tackle. ZERO sacks and ZERO pressures

Yeah this could be why Decker had a poor performance. Wiggins or Crosby as the backup.

That’s why I was hoping we’d get Matt Kalil. At least he has starting experience and is familiar with the vernacular.
Carrying one backup OT into the season is boneheaded!

They have Wiggins, who can play OT and has taken snaps there in TC. Plus, there’s Matt Nelson on the PS, an OT who went through TC with the Lions. Not sure if Aboushi could play OT if he had to.

Nevertheless,I do agree that the Lions are thin at OT, don’t know that they can do much about it now. It should be a priority ext off-season though.

Over $18m in cap left.

Yeah, but I don’t think Kalil is the answer. He missed all of last year, and sucked the year before that. In fact, some say he hasn’t had a good year since 2012. They brought in and kept Corey Robinson over Kalil what does that say about him?

Got somebody better, I’m all ears.
We have Crosby and a couple maybes.

Just a hypothetical, conspiracy theory here…lol

Back injuries are easy to fake, or at the very least, pretend that it’s worse than it is.

The Chargers have two of the best pass rushers in the game. Decker is coming off his worst game as a pro. Do you really think he wants to face them after a total confidence killing meltdown?


Seriously, I hope he bounces back and plays well.

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