Week 1 2021 Qb,GM,HC Who ya got?

I am just as annoyed at myself for posting it, in week two, as u are reading it…my apologies but in my humble opinion it is already relevant. Only my second post since I have found where u guys have been hiding (been lurking a while though). I hate that it is negative for our mighty Honolulu blue and silver warriors, but gotta work with what we got, and oh boy did we get a lot to work with today. I have watched a lot of bad coaching in my 30 plus years as a fan but i honestly dont think I have ever seen it this bad. No need to get into a rant. Here is my list and as a die hard u of m fan this causes me pain, but all sins are, forgiven when u put on the Honolulu blue and silver!

QB. Fields (Hoping he goes a bit later and we can get a pick for poor matty stafford, two first round picks would be a dream for a new regime)

GM. If i am honest i dont know jack about who would make a good gm i can tell you I love the way (and in this order) how these teams are built, give me the best candidate from these teams and i will be happy, Ravens, Seahawks, Colts, Chiefs.

HC i think for me right now it is greg roman 1a Bienemy 1b I want coaches that are ahead of the curve not chasing it, and these two qualify.

But again who knows its early maybe we will revisit this a bit later…say week 4. Lol all joking aside its great to be back and thanks for playin.

If you can convince him to come, Ed Dodds would be my #1 GM choice… He’s probably the best scout in the league and has worked with Seattle and Indianapolis. If you can get someone like Urban Meyer, you may have to hand him GM duties as well, which is he fine with… He’d be the guy I’d press hardest for.

Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia and Matt Stafford

I just have a really hard time believing Urban Meyer would come to Detroit.

I don’t think he’ll come either but man wouldn’t that be something. The Lions need to get a guy that nobody thinks will come here.
2021 Week 1:
GM - Mike Borgonzi
HC - Lincoln Riley
QB - Trevor Lawrence

I think the latter is the key. If we have the number 1 overall pick then our GM and coach possibilities improve dramatically as candidates would be salivating at the thought of hitching their wagons to Trevor Lawrence.

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