Week 11 takeaways: Lions, Stroud not serious contenders in their respective futures markets

How the ■■■■ does it prove that? How do you prove an event will or won’t take place in two months?
Those Yahoos are haters and the people that hang on every word they say are ignorant.
To quote Denzel (Washington), “those who don’t read the news are uninformed. Those who do are misinformed.”
They know what the scores were yesterday. That’s it.

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Stephen A Smith is the quintessential example of Lions fan schizophrenia:

After beating the Bucs on the road:

After losing to the Ravens:

After beating the Chargers:


you can’t jump on and off a bandwagon Steven A Smith - no such thing as a “part-time” Lions Fan pal.
Ice Cube Reaction GIF

I’m pretty sure that nobody takes Steven A Smith as seriously as Steven A Smith does.

And also…


Did any of them “almost” lose?


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