Week 11 - Vikings v Bears flexed into SNF

We need all the help we can get, and the NFL schedule gods just threw us a bone. The Bears/Vikings game has been flexed to Sunday Night in week 11. This means the Bears will be playing on Sunday Night and then having to turn around and play us on Thanksgiving.
I’ve seen this happen twice in recent memory. One year the Cowboys had to play SNF at the Giants the week before Thanksgiving. They ended up getting throttled by the Eagles a few days later on T-Day. Then the NFL made the Redskins play the Packers on SNF the week before Thanksgiving. They ended up losing a close game to the Cowboys on T-Day.
For anyone wondering, the game its replacing is Steelers vs Jaguars.


Thanksgiving is when our actual season starts too. No more preseason adjustments and analysis. We will know what type of team we have by then.

Signed: The Patriot Way.