Week 2 Bubble Watch: Training camp winners, loser on defense

Strong is obviously benefiting in the minds of some observers by Cornell’s injury, but he’s also getting noticed for his play. I’ve had him making the team even over Cornell all off-season.

Daryl Roberts is gaining ground, too, but I suppose that has more to do with Kearse being suspended more than anything.

Those are the biggest swings. I see McRae gained a spot, too. I think he flew under the radar for most.

We find out in 10 days.

I’m most interested to see how we use the new PS designations.

Curious to see if teams use it the way I think they will.

Yeah I think the Coombs connection pushes McRae over the top and on to the squad. Can’t forget that Agnew gives us basically a free depth CB. I know he’s been focusing solely on offense, but IMO that is because they want to get him as many reps as possible. He’s a benefit to the team in that he can play offense, defense and ST’s and only takes up one roster spot.

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