Week #3 Lions @ Eagles ,Chris Spielman & Thom Brennaman in the booth... Referee Tony Corrente

Week #3 Chris Spielman & Thom Brennaman in the booth… Referee Tony Corrente…
The Eagles are 7-10-1 in games Corrente has been the Ref and the Lions are a dismal 4-16 in his assignments.
Corrente’s crew is responsible for a whopping 18 Flags per game and 156 yds in penalties in 2019

Really I love Spielman & Brennaman calling this game , no protecting the Shield and they call as they see it …Good or Bad and keep it about the game at hand as you will not hear anything about Dallas or the Packers in this game .


Cool! Love Spielman and maybe…a refreshing regional telecast that isn’t biased against us.

Spoken like a true fan…

we aren’t going to have one kick/punt return that doesn’t have a flag.


18 flag average plus this Lions team.

Whats the over/under for Lions penalties given (not just accepted)?


what about the 2nd half?

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So Tony was the guy who called it a completed pass when the ball skipped to Odell Beckham in New York.

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Tony also did the batted ball game in Seattle

Tony did the playoff game vs the Saints, where they made several bad calls including one that we should have scored a touchdown on

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Tony did the phantom pass interference game vs the Vikings in 2008 that gave them the win and took away our 1 win that season. That call is why I say we were *0-16.

Tony did the “take the wind” game vs the Bears in 2002. Tony should have overruled Marty and said “your an idiot, I’m giving you the ball.” LOL

JFC. Does he hate the Lions or is he just generally incompetent with everyone?

Lil Tony is one of the refs that I think revels in making a call against the home team with a rain of boos.

I’m really starting to hate Tony. I hereby proclaim that his new name from this point forward, shall be known as Chad.

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Never realized that Chad was involved with so many lion misfortunes.

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I was at this game and watched it happen in real time , I was pissed but it would have forced a challenge very early so I understood why wed did not . This was also the game Zenner fumbled (Game Changer) and also the game that Jarrad Davis was injured his rookie year on a dirty play by I believe OBJ .

God, Brian VanOchten. Owner of the worst hair ever. Whatever happened to that dude?