Week 3 portal to the other side ( Eagles )

Adding 1 that has at least a game thread
Some Pennsylvani site New link


this other on seems kinda dead but

I post these out of interest in what the other side is saying - I do not make them to encourage trolling .


I’m kind of shocked that they don’t have a more active board

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Agreed. Their savagery knows no bounds. They must be elsewhere.

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Can Iggles’ fans even read or write?

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Before I left Portland they invaded the sports bar I went to watch the lions every game for almost 20 years. It turned into an ‘eagles bar’ and I had to listen to their gay song sang in unison every time they made a play

Ruined that bar for me forever

They have a really active subreddit, and one of the more active fan boards over at football’s future too. I’d link to them, but I’m new, and stupid.


“E-A-G-L-E-S. EAGLES!!!” Every time they scored a TD or FG. Sing and chant. What the f-, it’s NOT soccer.

They had their own room at the front of that bar. So all the other teams fans were in the main room. You couldn’t see between them. The bar was in the main room.

One time we were playing them (we beat them) and you could see everyone in the main room, most were not Lions fans, but they didn’t like them either.

We scored a go ahead TD and I yelled out D-E-T-R-O-I-T-L-I-O-N-S. DETROITLIONS!!! The bar laughed. One goon from the Eagles side came over to see who did it. Never found out…



I’m glad you guys see Eagles fans the same way I do. I was offered a chance to go to the game this weekend and turned it down. Hell naw.

I remember the years they had a better road record than home record. The crowd was less hostile to the Eagles during away games I guess. LOL

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Were you sporting the obligatory man bun there?

I had to watch in a Browns bar for a few years. I’ll put that against anything for the moron quotient.

The only bun involved in that scenario had a hamburger in the middle with a beer on the side

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No, but he loves his Timbers soccer scarf… he knows all the soccer songs, too.

Found another site but overall the Eagles online community is pretty fragmented over many sites