Week 6 Referee Assignment

We get Clete Blakeman.

The last game he did of ours was against the Patriots on SNF last year. He did the beat down we put on Green Bay in Lambeau in 2017 on MNF. He did the beatdown we put on the Saints in New Orleans in 2016. So the last 3 times he’s done our games, we’ve won by double digits and controlled the football games pretty much from start to finish. Backing up to 2015 he did the win over the Raiders, but the loss to the Chargers. There were a few bad non-calls in that Chargers game, but our play is what made that game close, not his calls. We jumped on the Chargers 21-3 in that game. Backing up to 2014 he did our beatdown of the Giants on MNF. In 2013 he did our loss to the Bucs…but remember that was the game where we threw a pick 6 because Pettigrew ducked, Kris Durham did one of the most ridiculous fumbles in NFL history and Calvin handed the ball to the defender near the goalline to end the game.

Well damn. Its a huge Monday Night game and they give us a ref that we either beat the other team down and controlled the game, or we should have. He’s also done a surprising amount of primetime games for us, particularly when you consider we don’t get many primetime games. So this assignment fits right into his wheel house.


I always look forward to these threads. Thanks.

Sounds like we could do worse on Monday…


I think CJ was concussed on one of the missed helmet to helmet call that year.

He has my favorite NFL referee name