Week 8 moves

The Lions did elevate two other players. Wide receivers Maurice Alexander and Stanley Berryhill will be active against the Dolphins. Rookie DT Demetrius Taylor back to the practice

Lions signed Kicker Michael Badgley from the practice to the active roster.

Per Lions Wire

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for some strange reason, yahoo! has badgley as a top kicker for week 8.

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Who the hell is Berryhill?


I think he was a Hobbit.


He’s the old British slapstick guy with Yakety Sax playing in the background while he and the guys he slaps around chases girls in bikinis


No. That’s Benny Hill.
I used to work with a guy named Berryhill, about 45 years ago. Wonder if they’re related? Drew was a hobbit.
So, 3 PS WR’s is not a good sign. How would you like to be Goff. After last season, you see the Paper Lions and think, ’ this is going to be great!’
Not! It’s SOL and your career is about to be flushed by them.

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who is that GIF

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Our WR’s should be renamed the Smurfs.

Tom Kennedy - 5’10 - 190
Berryhill - 5’9 - 180
Kalif Raymond - 5’8 - 180
Maurice Alexander 5’11 - 190

Even St. Brown is barely 6 foot.

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Jamo - please get well soon.


Holmes loves his tiny guys at skill positions.

So far it’s worked out to a 4 wins in his first 23 games. Garbage … especially with a veteran QB at the helm.

Tyreek Hill is 5-10, 200 lbs, and the fastest ever. That’s the only type of 5-10 guy that typically does well long term.

Our guys are 5-9 to 5-11 and 160 to 180, and not relatively faster than anyone else.

Between Perriman, Williams, Anzalone, Brockers, Goff, mini-mite receivers that are worthless, I’m really starting to question Holmes ability to make good decisions in FA. Everything has backfired and put him in Millen and Mayhew territory with 4 wins in 23 games.

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He’s the blue marshmallow in FrankenBerry cereal.

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Chark is much bigger than Jamo

I honestly don’t think Chark will ever wear a Lions uniform again. I could be wrong. But, he’s out for 4 games minimum and it’s the same ankle he snapped last year, which is never good sign.

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Reynolds is 6’3’’ at least they arent all short


He’s gonna be Paschal’s backup, once we have the proper personnel on D

LOL - Niiiice

Hahahahah! Took me a second to catch it. That was some great comedy, man.

Benny Hill What GIF

Smurf WRs are back!!!


They are hanging us in MASSIVE suspense
This dude is gonna rip the lid off the building, when he plays.

How tall is Coopuh-kUPP?

Can we bring back Andre Ware from the booth to throw it to them. Flashback to '94


Rodrigo needs to dress like Goose before every game.

Or maybe he’s Rooster

Kerby is a stud. Such a good draft class.