** Weekend Playoff Thread ***

What game are you guys most looking forward to?

Obviously, for me, Sunday can’t come soon enough.

But 49ers/Packers is going to be incredible. I can’t remember the last time I was this interested in the post-season—sure, Stafford is part of it, but some of these teams are just so much fun to watch.

My picks (mulligan on the bracket thread) …

Saturday Games
Cincinnati 27, Tennessee 21 — Burrow’s star continues to shine.
San Francisco 17, Green Bay 14 — SF is too tough for Green Bay in a hard fought game. Rodgers gets planted, takes his boot off mid-game to show the world his mangled big toe, Shailene Woodley runs onto field with healing crystals. They don’t work. Post game, he blames COVID vaccine he didn’t get. Retires to start a failed podcast.

Sunday Games
LA Rams 31, Tampa Bay 21—Cam Akers, Von Miller, and Aaron Donald do what they’re supposed to do. Brady has Brady moments, but struggles. Matt plays a similar game to last week; sharp, efficient, big throws when it’s needed, makes one mistake.
Buffalo 28, Chiefs 23—Josh Allen too much for Chiefs.

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Great breakdown Nate! And I really hope that happens. Stafford ending Brady’s career would be epic. And San Fran knocking Rodgers out would be just as fun. I just don’t see it in reality.

I’m gonna stick with my original predictions. I’m 6 for 6 in the bracket challenge so far and I’ll stick with my picks for the next round. I always bet with my brain, over my heart.

The final 4 will come down to Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, and Burrow. My heart hopes to be wrong.

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All should be good.
Rams not having starting LT is gonna hurt.
Bucs Wirth is playing plus Fournette back as well
Should be a good game I chose the Bucs in the bracket so will stick with it but not surprised if LA wins nor disappointed.

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Same - not since Barry in the playoffs vs the Cowboys.

I’m interested in all of the games, and VERY interested in 3 of 'em.

Rams and bills are of fairly equal interest to me, with the Packers’ opponent shortly behind.

My 3 fav teams left
Anyone who plays the packers (in that order)

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I want good games for 60 minutes…

Last weekend there were too many blow outs….

And!! I want history!! No NFL playoff game has ever gone past double overtime… I want triple overtime this weekend as well!! :crazy_face:


If you are curious….

Great slate of games for sure.

Weather in GB looks balmy :joy:.

I hate to say it but I actually think GB may roll SF.

In some ways the Divisional Round provides better action than Championship Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday.

Really looking forward to the Bills-Chiefs game. Might be a shootout.

Enjoy the games!

Rodgers broke up with Olivia Munn, that’s when I lost respect for him.

sexy olivia munn GIF

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Agree. Fell in love with her during Office Christmas Party. He was batting waaaaaaaay above his average with her.


Seems like there’s a new video every week of Matt doing this. Did it do it this frequently in Detroit? This is a damn near no look 40 yard dime.

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Me want. Wife said I could.

Some dirt-nasty shit. He’s improving, I’m telling you guys. Gotta trust your WR a ton to do that. Matt’s not used to being able to consistently trust his teammates. He’s still got some Lions PTSD, and you can see it from time to time, but he’s learning to trust and getting better. Last week, he was precision. Not staggering numbers, but did have OBJ miss a big catchable one, Akers dropped an easy one that was a massive gain, Higbee dropped a 15 yarder that was a drive killer, and Kupp dropped one that would have made it 2nd and 1, instead of 2nd and 10 (they ended up punting).

Matt’s getting better, and will be better next year than this year. Getting used to playing on a team, instead of having to do it all himself.

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Cincy all them toys and no blockers. Might be a long day today

olivia munn mouth GIF

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Uh-oh. Henry looks really healthy