Welcome to Detroit, Moritz Seider

I know a lot of experts had this as a reach, but I really like the pick. I honestly think he’s going to be a Top-2 defensiveman for the Wings.

Anybody have any post-draft thoughts?

I think he was a reach that is going to work out amazingly well… So does that mean he wasn’t a reach?

The one fair point is that if Ken Holland made the pick I would have been far more suspect. Shame on me.

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It took a GM who moved this team from dead wings to The Red Wings/Hockeytown. Yzerman is the GM and this is his stamp. His first two picks were defenseman who are huge, that skate well and move the puck well. Neither one scores but they could be huge for this team who needs blue liners badly. He was right to go get him because 4 teams went defense in the top ten.
He proved himself in TB. I thought the Wings were insane to let him go to another franchise.
If this was the guy Stevie wanted, then, Welcone to Hockeytown, Moritz Seider!
I had been watching the mocks and everyone had Vasili Polodkin or as close as I can get to his name. This guy VP has a commitment to play two more years in Russia. I’m good with the big German.


He will be the Big Mike Williams of Hockey.

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