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We do not have a music thread here and the old one at 247 was a big hit. Everyone loves music and now we have a place to put out our favorites, recommendations, concerts, niche stuff, etc…

Not to be confused with the guitar thread. I cannot play or read a note of music. The definition of tone deaf. I’ve tried playing, but am at a total loss. Sad because of my love for music. Love more than life itself. I’m always digging through to find new (and old) stuff. So, fill me up buttercups!

The Court of the Crimson King

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Marooned on an island with only five artists to listen to:
Frank Zappa
Elton John
Cowboy Junkies
Pink Floyd
Harry Chapin

Top Five live shows seen:
Eagles/CSYN - Bicentennial Night
Bob Dylan - '75
Paul McCartney - '85
Aerosmith/Rush - '77
Tool/Alice in Chains - '91


Also would like to suggest Ann Delisi’s “Essential Music”. WDET 101.9 @ 11am Sat & Sun. A great show that brings new as well as older obscurities. Highly recommend for the music lover.

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Rap and modern country are my weak suits. Both are very hit and miss for me.

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They both blow. They are both weak on actual musical talent needed to produce the song/music/noise.


Most recent Nikki’s Fixx additions; I ain’t your mama - Maggie Rose, Ex’s and Oh’s - Elle King, Holy Diver - Dio, and Hand that feeds - NIN.
I do tend to agree with Keith Richards, “rap has shown how many tone deaf people there are.”
Btw, shameless plug?
But, this is…image0%20(1)

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I do like the likes of Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, etc. Just not a huge fan of sampling and music being built on a 'putor. if that makes sense…

at St. Alphonzo’s pancake breakfast.


Where I stole the margareene.

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I think my favorite is "the Fur Trapper…who was strictly from commercial…strictly commercial…had the unmitigated audacity to jump up from behind my igloo…peekaboo ooo ooo ooo…:crazy_face:

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The most rock and roll thing you will ever see

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For the conspiracy theorists between the coronavirus and the stock market.


God I love Thomas Dolby.

Which leads to humor in music in which I love! So much originality.

Robots For Ronnie
European Swallow
Titties & Beer
Clint Eastwood

Wow, I am surprised anyone on this board would have ever heard of this song.

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That album was one of my favorites of the '90s. Damn shame they never got the recognition they deserved. There only hit was the theme to the animated “King of the Hill” and no one heard of them.

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Yeah I am a big follower of the Refreshments and now Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

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Gotta look up Peacemakers. Thanks for the tip and you get a love song.

Shadow & Jimmie