Welcome to the Jungle!

Men, I’m going to be gone for 10 days. Not sure if I’ll have internet at all? I’m going to be on an ayahuasca “retreat” in the jungle.

Going to Colombia. They told me the huts have electricity, but I’m not sure if we’ll have AC. There are no showers, but there is running water. I guess we have access to a hose, so the last group that went reported freezing cold water to get clean with.

Hope to come back more enlightened or smarter, or more connected, and a better man for the world (and myself), in some way, shape, or form.

I’m gonna need you guys to hold down the fort with me. Bald dudes gotta step it up. I hope there are at least some “that’s what she said” jokes when I’m out.

Be back on the 28th

Leaving tomorrow morning.

If I have internet, I’ll try to sneak in here at night sometimes, but my days are going to be very full, from what I understand.


Have fun! be safe and let us know what the machine elves and mantis beings tell you.

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Awesome, have a great trip, be safe, and come back enlightened with the meaning of life to share with us all.

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Constant effort on how to love more purely and cleanly every day.
Hope this is as big a one for me as they say it is…

Intention of serving the world more deeply and impactfully…reaching more people and creating more impact and abundance for the universe.

The gif is in the chamber ready to go. Be safe man. Enjoy and take it in.

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Thanks, buddy. It’s times like these when you find out who really has your back. :wink:

I’ll do some of the best work I’ve ever done out there. Truly intend to come back a better man than when I left.

Also, hope they have karaoke in the hotel bar tomorrow night. These ppl have never met me (with one exception), so I’d like to knock the seriousness out of the situation right up front. LOL. Not sure how big karaoke is in Bogota.

Saturday morning…leave for the jungle.

Be well. My closest friend did it 2 yrs ago in CR. In a high end setting…Shamans had to dose her twice each night and the old lady shaman beat her with palm fronds or some stuff…shes pretty stubborn…but after that she said she had a great experience…but it is definitely like colonoscopy prep from both ends…

Im sure youll see spirit ghost Telly Savalas and talking rainbow lemurs or somesuch. Take it all in…slowly.

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Holy shit they sounds awesome! Have a blast man, report back

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Sounds fun!!! Have a great time.

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LOL - I used to be pretty thick-headed too. I still am a very committed dude, I’ve just channeled that commitment in a direction that serves me better. Dropping some unconscious commitments that will open me more here, but I am much more open to shifting than I used to be.

LOL - #Goals! :wink:

Will do, brother. Thanks, my man! :pray: :pray:
I’m SO overdue to give you a call, anyway.

Thanks men! Appreciate ya.

I figured as often as I’m in here, I should make a thread about it, or people would think something was wrong. I barely go a half a day without coming here. After 10 days, you guys would think a gator got me or something.

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Be safe and enjoy your time

Love ya brother!

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@BigNatty, you will be missed my friend. You have a knack for bringing calm to the board.
I will pray for you.
Be safe and don’t drink the water without it being sanitized with lots of Vodka!

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Don’t worry Natty. This bald guy is here to hold down the fort til you get back.
drunk trailer park boys GIF


Safe Travels Natty!

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"I don’t approve of this behavior Mr. Lahey!

leaning trailer park boys GIF

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Sounds great. Have an awesome and safe trip. If you see Sophia Vergara tell her hello for me.

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Miss you BigNat. I hope you’re avoiding all of the dangerous gorillas and guerrillas too. Oddly, I’ve noticed my liked content going down in your absence.


I’ve been losing my shit without you here to talk sense into me bro :rofl: