Well, at least Bill O’Brien isn’t the Lions head coach

Far worse than anything Patricia said to Slay.


Racialized word? He said baby mamas… I have a baby mama, it’s not exclusive to race. Ppl need to stop with these “racial” assumptions


I don’t think that it’s racist at all. Though a head coach or employer or whatever shouldn’t get involved in someone’s parenting. If the child was in danger then sure. But even then, just call the police or child services.

Agree… Irvin is a racist though, so I expect this from him.

Perception vs reality.

Reality, it’s not a racist phrase.

Perception, it is.

So, O’Brien essentially gave away an All Pro WR for things that had nothing to do with his job performance. Yet again demonstrating why it’s almost always better to have a GM than let the HC make personnel decisions.


I think Patricia is the right coach. You can’t have soft players if you want to win consistently. I think Slay could have easily took the route I’ll show that SOB instead he whimpered into the night. He isn’t elite. Digs and Adams beat him like step child every time they played their teams. He is however better then average but that doesn’t win championships. So I think what Patricia said although in this day and age was not politically correct it was accurate.

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Unfortunately, it’s only used when speaking of African American men and women. As said before: Tom Brady has children by multiple women. But they’ve never been referred to as “baby mamas”

Context again is everything …the phrase is not racist. I would bet Tom Brady has not referred to the mother of his child as his Baby’s Mama hence you would not either …
If you use the term yourself , and speak it to other people , having the term used back at you in a conversation only repeats a term that you yourself have deemed appropriate . It’s fair game .

The article is trash , a blatant attempt to steer a narrative …Irvin is a bigger joke for repeating it .
The Authors take so blindly steered …Comparing Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez is only wrong when you use it in a context the author did … Aarons a murderer and ignore the real context that Hernandez was a headache, an attention seeker, a locker room loud mouth that disturbed most and always made everything all about Aaron …these things are well documented . Was this who Hopkins is or was in Texas ? You can only say O’Brien thought so… because he would not be comparing Hopkins to Aaron for any other reason and certainly not murder



If could like this …above… 100 times I would .

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One’s reality is what they perceive it to be.


Only in The Matrix.

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Here is some context. I’d argue it’s Hopkins himself who is racist. Why? After the Houston owner McNair said inmates were running the asylum, Hopkins declared he “felt like a slave again”. Anyone remember that one? So as with most people, Hopkins can say something as asinine as being a slave, “again”, yet if a white coach says “baby momma”, yeah he is a full racist.


Trade value wise, its clear Houston got ripped. That’s what O’Brien deserves to be criticized for.


Because Patricia has been a model of virtue in Detroit. We wouldn’t want some dirt bag like O’Brien in charge of this organization. A coach that can’t win games, is a rapist, humiliated his best player in front of everyone, lost the locker room before the first game of his head coaching career, runs an ineffective defensive scheme, degrades a reporter for not sitting up straight, and looks homeless is a much better choice for HC.
Bill O’Brien has been a head coach for 6 years, has been over .500 in 5 out of his 6 years and has more playoff wins than the Detroit Lions franchise in the Super Bowl era.

If he did that as the Lions HC he would be referred to as “Legendary” and the organization would probably erect a statue of him outside Ford Field.


In this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia says he’s had to live with the “mental torture” of being falsely accused of rape 22 years ago … but insists, “I was innocent then and I’m innocent now.”

The background … Patricia and a college football teammate were accused of raping a 21-year-old woman in 1996 during a spring break trip to South Padre Island, off the coast of Texas.

He was indicted, but the case was eventually dismissed.

Patricia just addressed the media about the case – and stated over and over again that he was NOT convicted of a crime.

“There were claims made about me that never happened,” Patricia said.

He noted it was “unfair and upsetting” that someone would bring this case back up more than 20 years after it was dismissed.

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Shout out to OJ

That case was a product of (1) the jury pool; and (2) the prosecution’s trial strategy.

"And the same thing happened with the decision to indict Simpson by grand jury, which meant that the case had to be taken from the suburbs to downtown. And basically the decision is – and Gil Garcetti claims that he made this decision consciously, and probably did – you’re going from a largely white, suburban jury to an inner-city jury by taking the case downtown, to indict it in front of the grand jury.

Now, Garcetti has said he had the [Rodney] King riots in mind. He didn’t think that he could convict somebody of the stature of O.J. Simpson in front of a white jury, and so he decided to make sure that he would have an inner-city jury. That’s what he says. and it’s quite possible that that was his thought process. …"


The victim chose not to testify. It happens a lot more than you think.
Why was Roethlisberger suspended?
Why was Elliott suspended?
Brown has effectively been suspended.

Those three off the top of my head were never convicted of anything, yet they all received disciplinary action by the NFL.

I fixed my post.
But if the best thing you can say about Patricia is that he wasn’t convicted of being a rapist…yikes.

I had Hopkins as my WR1 on my fantasy team last year, and won my league despite of him. Wildly inconsistent, and more often not showing up than showing up.

The Texans didn’t get enough in trade for him, but I’m not all that impressed with him.