Well, our china doll is broken again

How do you feel spending 17.whatever for that season of service?

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Better $17 M for 1 year than $75 for 5.
I do feel bad for Ziggy, I was 25 feet away when he came off the field, he was hurting bad! He was even crying he was in such pain. I believe he walks away from the game after this one.

Crying all the way to the bank. I’d give a bunch to be in his shoes. 1 million per game.

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Ouch, my shoulder hurts, 1M. Ouch my ankle hurts 1M. Ouch, something hurts 9 game checks, 9M.

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I agree, I don’t think he plays for anyone next year. He’s made enough for him and his family to live super nice back home for their entire lives. Now he can go back and do good over there. I loved the early Ziggy and thank him for that but after the last few and especially this one, I can’t say goodbye fast enough from a football pov

It’s a rough sport.

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Seems like the Lions knew something when they didn’t give him a multi-year deal. I feel bad for Ziggy, but injuries (and age … ?) catch up to all of us. He has a nice sack of money to fall asleep on every night.

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You known it’s been a jinxed, efffed up, whipsaw of a year when we all said paying a guy that rarely plays 17m was a neccessary thing and paying half that to that shitbrick, iron hands snowflake TE was waaaayyyyyy too much, and feel good about it though Week 3…and then figure out we paid about 75 grand a snap for 3 sacks and that turdburglar TE has 13 effing touchdowns…

I hope Ebron sucks up 50 million of Packer cap space next year and goes back in the tank for four years…and I hope Ziggy rides off into the sunset with his bags o cash and does a Manute Bol and lifts up a lot of people with it.


Officially on IR this morning along with Roberts.

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I disagreed with his tag for this exact reason. But having said that, he didn’t milk it like Levy did and wanted to be out there more than Levy ever did. Levy put his adventures before his team and contract.

And Mayhew screwed the pooch with Levy. You cannot pay a guy with a year left on his contract when he has proven nothing on the field without an All Pro DT in front of him. You just can’t!

I hated his contract for 2 reasons, doing nothing to earn it and doing stupid shit off the field. Only hated Ziggy’s tag because we all knew he was hurting and would be.

I understood why they had to use the tag. He was too valuable an asset to let go. I also understood once he stated he would have to speak with his friend Ndamukong Suh about his contract situation, that we would never sign him to a contract that would be fair to the Lions team. I feared his injury situation (if it was indeed an injury at all and not an attempt to circumvent the cap) would be used by him to leave under terms more favorable to him. And, just like last year, he could play a few games and generate enough interest to leverage a lucrative deal.

And, now I think he has done irreparable harm to his brand. If you’re shooting for the moon, you are not paying Ziggy (we found that out when nobody signed him), when you can drop that money on Khalil Mack, or next year on DeMarcus Lawrence.

So, it is no mystery here, and when nobody pays him his boatload next spring during free agency, will we pony up or let him walk. It will cost us 21 million to keep him, or we can take a chance and bid on the open market. Here, I am stating he walks and signs with the Rams or another contender while we scramble to fill in behind him.

I like paying him for 1 year a lot better than giving him a long term deal or letting him walk for free.

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Especially when that year was spent wallowing anyway.

Wait, are we still holding to playoff hopes here, or …?

Tagging Ziggy had obvious risk but it was easy to understand why we did it. It sucks for this year, but I really didn’t see great alternatives out there last year.

I have no belief that Ziggy is a fraud. When he was on the field he had to be accounted for. Just way too little time on the field. Considering that draft, we probably didn’t even overdraft him. He just leaves us wishing there was more.

But the China Doll adjective has been rightfully earned. So here is my completely unbased hypothesis: I wonder if guys who come to football late in life end up with greater injury issues? Reason: your body gets condioned to the constant blows if you start early in youth football. Now I could be way off base here and if you can throw out exceptions or other cases, that could be interesting.