Well this is ominous

Did Snacks get Lionized?

I see it as a good thing when rebuilding.
Make him a team captain.


Im wondering if this is directed at Jarrad Davis. Did anyone catch him losing his shit at the end of the Rams game after the Gurley TD? It seemed like he was getting physical with guys on the sideline and had to be calmed down

Or, conversely, it’s directed towards the guys that Davis was upset with. Who knows. We as fans never have enough information to know for sure.

It would be nice to know if Davis had a legitimate reason to be mad at other players, or if Snacks is taking a shot at him for losing his cool, but we’ll almost certainly never know.

It’s directed towards Matt Patricia and what he said about overcoming adversity.

He’s right - And talking about character. It’s similar to the saying that what defines a person is not the problems they face, but how they react to the problems

Do you work harder with determination or do you check out and not care?