Well this should start some intellectually engaging discussion


can’t wait for the response an the attacks on Bucky who I am not big fan of. I know of a strong anti Stafford who does like Bucky wonder if he still does :grinning:

I would put Brees on the list can’t think of any others might be couple around.

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Winter Soldier, bro!


Stafford is an elite arm talent no doubt about it. Too bad he’s not a leader, isn’t as smart as and doesn’t work as hard as the top QBs. Stafford is a top QB talent. He is not a top QB.

He’s a guy blessed with a big arm, and can make all the throws. Just not at critical times. He doesn’t really play with much of an edge to his game. His game lacks intensity. He makes some amazing throws. He is not half the competitor that Mahomes or Russell Wilson are. He isn’t a surgeon, and doesn’t have much of a presence at the LOS. He does not read the defense well pre snap. He doesn’t win at the LOS, pre snap like Brady, who dissects a defense. Stafford rarely works a hard count, and gets the defense to jump like a Rodgers or Brees.

The QB position is so much more than raw talent. Many will never understand this. He is a more physically gifted Kirk Cousins, Mat Ryan and Carson Palmer. All of their games lack intensity, although Kirk and Matt Ryan work harder than Stafford.

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Transcendent, that’s a pretty big label
With the exception of JR, I think even the largest Stafford supporters wouldn’t be sure how to absorb that one.
Not sure it matters much than to say too many don’t appreciate what we have with Stafford
He’s been a very good quarterback for a long time
That’s not an easy thing to do
No idea why guys typing on their computers or phones feel the need to diminish his accomplishments
Most anyone here would be happy to have a 5 year NFL career as a 3rd string backup

He says “talent”… and he’s right. Stafford is an generational arm talent. He can make any throw, from any platform. As far as pure, raw arm talent goes he and Mahomes are probably the best I’ve ever seen.

You can also make a case for Cam Newton as transcendent talent wise. He was literally Carolina’s entire offense for a long time, and took a pounding. He is physically freak, who could make throws from the pocket and was also a battering ram. That doesn’t make him a top QB at this moment. But no one played the position like Cam… just like no one really until Mahomes could sling it Side arm, off their back foot like Stafford. Mahomes takes it to another level, with his no look passes and stuff like that.


Mahomes and Andy Reid are the greatest combination of talent and scheme fit I’ve ever seen in the NFL in my life.

He’d be a good talent anywhere but if he didn’t go with Andy Reid I don’t know if he’s what he is now.


Bro…love it. Lol.


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I am curious as to why you say he isn’t as intelligent? He scored a 38 on the wonderlic. It is considered a IQ test pre-employment. He scored a 38. Brady scored a 33, Rodgers a 35, brees and Wilson a 28 and Patrick Mahomes a 24. The general consensus is that if you score highly on the Wonderlic then you would also do very well on most standardized tests ie: GRE, SAT etc.

I have attached an article talking about the importance of the score for football and also determining intelligence overall. There are average scores of many professions. An example would be the avg score of chemists is 31, engineer 29 and a teacher 28. The average score for an NFL qb is 25.9. I honestly do not see how you can say he isn’t intelligent.

You say he isn’t a leader. So what is your definition of a leader?

You say he doesn’t work as hard as the other top qbs. What are you basing that on? Are you taking that from the LoJack interview 5 years ago? It really hard to judge a man when you have limited access to him and his routines. He doesn’t do social media so he doesn’t post workouts or things he is doing. Guys who have left and ripped MP have said he was a leader and helped them and worked with them.

I will even give you that lojacks critique probably has some truth in it, but is it uncommon for a young quarterback to grow and mature in his craft? He isn’t the same player he was as in 2015.



It’s actually very simple QBhater: Stafford hasn’t won. Or, Stafford’s team’s haven’t won. That’s the difference between “being a leader” or “being a hard worker”.

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Barry Sanders had super-high football IQ, came in in shape every year (worked his ass off), had arguably the best field vision you will see in your life, is arguably the best football player in the history of the game…and had a comparable record to Matt.

Good player, but not a leader? Good but not great player? Cannons for legs, but can’t win games?

GOAT in my opinion - not close, if you talk RBs. Debatable if you include all football players.

IMO, just proof that football is the ultimate team sport. Most important man that Matt works with right now is named Bevell. That’s the biggest piece that has been missing.

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It’s all in the facts. SB wins are not categorical facts since it’s a team sport. Anyone who says otherwise, does not know the different between team sports and individual sports.

Does MS have weaknesses? Yes. Every human, which means every QB does. Does this mean that, he has have enough talent with the right pieces in place to win a SB? That remains to be seen. And I am not convinced that he does. But I do support him enough in hopes he can.

One can point out his weaknesses (in their opinion) and not support him due to them. And that’s their prerogative. But to discount what he has, and can do, is blind stemming from their own capabilities of reasonable thinking at looking beyond their own opinion. Maybe narcissistic? Maybe.


I question Stafford’s intelligence because he hasn’t demanded a trade and keeps resigning here.


Jeff George’s arm was unreal.

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Lol. Good stuff.

I know you were joking, but honestly, some guys might not mind making 30MM and having little expectations. Our fan base isn’t exactly like the Eagles rabid base that eats their own even if they go 9-7. Ours line up to have an excuse parade for a 3 win team.

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Well everything after the 1st sentence, it is just more of your made up bullshit opinion. Iggy you know less about team and QB play then any other poster here. Your post are laughable and predictable when it comes to QB.

Sam Bradford kept getting big checks with worse performance and even less expectations same for Carson Palmer until he hit 36


Stafford will give you measurables, highlights and statistics all day.

But who else on this team can you say that about ?
I don’t think the defense had a highlight all year , they did have some stats but they were almost historical bad.

So, you are saying winning is the way to measure someone ability to lead or work hard?