Well, time to bust these out again



Except the “Detroit” Rams won’t be playing.
The Rams are playing for the best 2nd round pick they can get. That may help us in the first round, but, it will do the rest of the league a solid by forcing us to wait a year to get a shot at the dance.
We went toe to toe with 5 teams and came up one score shy. Let this be a lesson for our youngsters. This is why winning every down counts.
Let this be a lesson for our coaching staff. You have to know when to take the points, and when to be aggressive, and how to manage the clock.
If we could have stopped one opponents scoring drive in one of those 5 games, we would already have the 7th seed locked up and would be playing for the 6th seed Sunday.

Lol, whoa, this is gonna bring back some raging boners for some folks here…and I’ll admit, under the circumstances, it gives me an aprop boner this time around, especially compared to the weird 2021 detroit rams boners that were flying around here.


I don’t think a team that is mailing it in and playing or earlier draft picks kicks the Broncos teeth in 51-14.

I was thinking more of raging three incher, but that’s just me.

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Dont be so hardon urself… 3.5 is average, just flex a little and you got this!