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Well, tied…but YEEEAHHHH!




That’s a good price. I might need to go to a Lions game just to get a deal on some beers


With as crazy as eagles fans get, you would think they would be the cheapest on this list.

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The prices are outrageous but I learned a long time ago Lions games aint for drinking.

Now tailgating and drinking 15 beer before the game…haha you got me :joy:


Or the owner knows they’re dumb enough to pay it


what manner of sanity is this?

Nothing better brother.

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Don’t let Rod Wood see this. He will say we need to charge at least $10 now that Lions are above average franchise.
Hopefully the Coke, water, and food prices are below league average as well.



That amount just bugs the hell out of me. It doesn’t even out with sales tax, either pre tax or post tax.

Well you are assuming you know that States sales tax. For instance, Kansas is 7.5% which is assine LOL.

So in Philly it is 8%. Which really just proves your point. What is odd is that if it is 9% it rounds out to $16 a beer. Which makes me think they have some BS additional 1% tax in the stadium.

The Eagles price is more than double what some other teams charge???

Something ain’t right about that.

If you know Philly fans the price is actually too low!
It is stadium greed but also a deterrent to drinking too much.
A bunch of rowdy Philly fans drunk on cheap beer would be a nightmare.

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these were probably prices 10-15 years ago. Definitely not the past couple seasons.

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can’t drink beer, I think makers tried to make it taste like urine no matter what temperature it is served, bought.

I presume that the eagles keep that price high to try and curb stadium arrest rates.

Just under-report the arrest rates!

Crime Drops!

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You’re brilliant. You should go work for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. You’d fit right in.

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Thank you!!

Oh…uhh…well…I guess I don’t know the true taste of beer…but uhh…I’ll keep this in mind for a couple of years from now.

The key is to stop at 15… don’t wanna end up streaking the field again :joy:

streaking will ferrell GIF