We're gonna MAUL the back half of the schedule

  • Week 12: 11/24 vs. Bills L
  • Week 13: 12/4 vs. Jaguars W
  • Week 14: 12/11 vs. Vikings, W
  • Week 15: 12/18 at Jets, W
  • Week 16: 12/24 at Panthers L
  • Week 17: 1/1 vs. Bears, W
  • Week 18: 1/7 or 1/8 at Packers W

We miiiight lose one or 2, after Buffalo. Truthfully, I pick us to win them all as standalones, but do think we will lose 1 or 2, just cuz it’s the NFL.

I originally predicted 10 wins. I thought we’d be around .500 for the 9 games…either 4-5 or 5-4. We are a little behind my original prognostication.

I’ve got us coming in at 8 or 9…gun to my head…9 wins.

If JaMoss is anywhere near what I think he is, this is ULTRA-realistic

What you guys thinking at this point

  • 10 wins
  • 9 wins
  • 8 wins
  • 7 wins
  • Other (explain yourself)

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3 agree on 9 Wins. Will 9 get us into the dance?

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I have 9 with losses to Bills and Pack.

The thing is, if they somehow beat Buffalo, anything less than 9 would constitute some sort of bizarre collapse.

This team is humming. Injuries are their only kryptonite right now.


Healthy Goff and JaMoss = DESTROYING the back half of the schedule.
I most want to dismantle the Vikings NYG style…just pummel them…even worse then we did the Giants.


They’re in deep shit, Godfather. We’re gonna shred 'em like a pulled pork shoulder after a night in the crock pot. Done deal!


After the Bills, I can see us winning out.
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7 or 8 wins is looking more and more possible. The Packers game before the season was looking like an auto loss at Lambeau in January, but we might be facing Jordan Love.


VERY possible


Seriously thinking of going to that Carolina game.

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Honestly aside from the Bills game which is going to be tough, I think our toughest matchup might be Jacksonville. They’ve played teams well haven’t they? Come out on the short end (like us last year) but they do have some players.

I think after that game we should be ok, I think we’ll play the Vikings tough again and bears packers and panthers not so worried about.

I think obviously tomorrow and then Jax are our two toughest games left



I had this one as a win when we were 1-6.


As far as the 'yoffs, 9 probably gets us in and it’s very doable.

Here’s how I see it. Our last 7 are divided into 2 groups…

Should win: vs. Jacksonville, @ Carolina, vs. Chicago, @ Green Bay

Could lose: vs. Buffalo, vs. Minnesota, @ NY Jets

We need to win one of the “Could lose” category games to get in. I think 9-8 with head to head wins over the Giants and Commanders probably gets us in this year.

I think there’s also a really good chance we lose at Green Bay, because you know, reasons. That means we would have to win 2 of the “could lose” games to get in. We would probably have to win 5 in a row from Buffalo to the Green Bay game, and I don’t know if we can do that.

If we had won one of those games we lost we’d be in a lot better position right now.

If we beat Buffalo we are in prime position to make the playoffs.


The Jets have a very good defense… could be a challenge. Their offense blows though. The Vikes got killed last week, but they are 8-2. Some very winnable games on the schedule for sure, especially once we add JaMoss Jr!


Ooh forgot about the jets, but they look like they are going where the giants are going… so yeah, Jax and NYJ are the two toughest games left I think after tomorrow

Before the season started I expected 6-8 wins. Going to stick with that for now and chose 7 for the poll.


@Lions2k3 - What if we picked up Al Bundy on waivers for the playoff stretch!? How many more wins are we talking about here?


I’ve got a hundy riding on us getting at least to 7 wins. How crazy after a one and six start that we are talking about making the playoffs? Not that this season is over but man I am licking my chops for next year. A healthy Jamo, plus a years worth of experience for the rookies +2 years experience for the second year guys, and a draft class with five picks in the top 65? Crazy


Didn’t he score 5 TD’s in 1 game for Polk HS, is THIS the Al Bundy we are talking about??? The man who said, “Never try to understand women. Women understand other women and they hate each other.” Is THIS the Al Bundy we are talking about??? Then, actually, no improvement.


I was with you the whole time, until the no improvement part!! He scored 4 TD’s behind a high school O-line, just imagine what he could do running behind Sewell! He might score 5 every single game!

This card I bought below in 1984 is now worth a quarter million dollars!



Jets are currently 6-4… and will have an interesting week with the QB situation leading up to the Bears game.

I think they’ll win…. and they better hope they do!

After this weekend…

Jets go on the road at Minnesota and Buffalo.

A loss to the Bears this weekend… and Jets could be 6-7 when they face the Lions… and reeling.