We've done RB's, what about WR

We need talent here. We have Marvin Jones and Golliday. I really have no regard for any other Lions’ receiver. We need that third WR, a guy who can get YAC, separation, speed, hands. That said, we need both 3rd and 4th wide receivers. One vet, one rookie. Just my opinion.
DK Metcalf 6’4" 225
Kelvin Harmon 6’3" 215
Big WR, moving the chain possession guys.

Free agent maybe Jordan Matthews, Adam Humphries, John Brown

Suppose to be a decent year for WRs in the draft. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting another lanky guy.

Ellington isn’t terrible.
I still think Riddick is a liability in the backfield. If he wants to remain on the team (and in the NFL) he needs to move to the slot.

Giovanni Bernard if you’re looking for versatility. Any back that fits the James White mold. Fill-in starter, pass threat. Personally, I would like to get Mark Ingram.


Wouldja bring Tate back, if the price is right? Wouldn’t be a bad idea IMHO, depends on the market and what it would cost for him and similar FA talent. They could still draft a WR/Slot guy if the value is there, but you don’t want to be in the position of HAVE TO draft somebody.

Maybe somebody will do another thread about the TEs, I’ll just say here that a good pass catching TE threat would add an extra dimension to this offense. Which makes everyone else more of a threat, sooo I think the Lions have to address that position too. Problem is, apparently it takes a TE rookie a little while to get up to speed, right? And Roberts hasn’t really impressed us that much, plus he’s been hurt a lot.

I like Tate. Clearly he is eyeing a big payday. Big baller.

Look at the big receivers available, too. I will say one thing, this looks like a big year for TE and WR in the draft. I was going to do every position group. TE is next. I thought tossing around RB and WR was enough for now. That way other threads won’t crowd out these two. Tomorrow would be time enough for TE and another position.

WR is a huge need. We’ve only got Marvin and Golladay that are worth a damn. TJ needs to be let go. Ellington and Powell are #5 type guys right now. Powell might have upside as a #3 but we need some serious competition.

We’ve been missing that burner on the outside to stretch the defense since Calvin was in his prime. Whether we bring in a guy like Moncrief in FA or draft somebody like Parris Campbell or Marquise Brown then we’ll always have a limited offense. We need that home run hitter even if he only runs a 9 route all game long.

I am with you there. Tate trade left a hole we must fill and our three four and five scare nobody. We need a possession guy and a YAC guy.
Golladay is a beast. Jones gives you some threat over the top. Tate was that mid-level YAC guy Two of those WR3, WR4, WR5 guys need to be possession and YAC guys. The third must have speed and return capabilities. That’s just the way I’d build it.
TE just horrible. Eifert stays hurt but he is available. I suggested trading Ebron for Kittle before we lost control. But I suggested trading him for an L. A. LB’er, too. It’s possible we start the season with two new guys there.

I really like Greg Dortch as a slot guy. Similar to Rondale Moore IMO.

MJ, KG, I like B Cooks…but if your looking for a slot guy, I really like the kid Humphries. I think we also add a couple of pass catching TEs.

I think I don’t add a TE unless they can block. I’m not interested in getting a “pass catching” TE if that’s all they do. They’re nothing but slow WRs.

If we’re going to run more, we need blockers. WRs block (some of them). I still remember Johnnie Morton hitting dudes and Herman Moore was a beast.

Ebron for all the press he’s getting now whiffed like a f-. Almost like he was afraid of contact.

You know, I really liked billingsley. he reminds me of a poor mans tate. always seemed to get open in the middle and have a little juke to his decent speed.

but I wonder what he does in practice that he can’t get on the field. or is he horrible on special teams?