What about Jadeveon Clowney?

With all the help this team needs at DE, why no talk of bringing in Clowney? Too expensive?

Yea he is wanting top DE money. That won’t happen here. We are already allocating a lot to that spot already.

Hes looking for $20 mil per year

After he gets his reality check and becomes realistic, he could be a good signing at the right price.

But he’s not a former Patriot, so it can’t happen.

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I read he wasn’t be offered the big money long term deals he was looking for (shocking), and would be willing to sign a short term deal instead.

I wouldn’t mind a 2 year deal for Clowney.

Hows this Spiel54?

J.Clowney signs a contract with the New England Patriots. But due to the coronavirus he is unable to make a visit for a formal team physical. Contract becomes void and the Lions swoop in!

Boom! He’s an ex-Patriot.

Inconsistent effort, inconsistent results. Has never had double digit sacks.
Had all of 3 sacks for Seattle last season.

Primary advantage is he still only 27 years old.

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