What about Pickett as our QB

was reading about him on WalterFootball.com…write up isn’t bad, seems like a nice Candidate if not a FA.

I kinda like Pickett and his small hands. He throws a nice ball. Watched a couple Pitts games this year, he’s talented. He’s thrown for 40 TD’s and 4000 yards in 12 games, think about that for a second.

Pickett will probably go in the first. I hope we don’t draft a QB with the first two picks


If Pickett is still on the board when the Rams pick comes, I’d be tempted.

Pickett and Hutchinson in the 1st round, and then the best WR left on the board @ 33 might work out well.


I’d rather take Strong in the 3rd than Pickett in the 1st

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Haven’t watched any Nevada games. His stats sure are impressive, pretty weak competition though.

He has strong receivers too which helps. I posted his highlights of yesterdays Nevada game in the thread discussing non power-5 QBs.

He throws a sick deep ball


I’ve liked Pickett. Hoping he drops in the draft.

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I’ll check it out!

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I can’t imagine that Strong falls that far.

Lol strong in the 3rd, that’s some good shit your smoking, I have some please

Maybe he won’t be there but remember our 3rd round pick is basically a second round pick. There could be several QBs taken before him.

Pickett, Corral, Willis, Ridder, Howell, Daniels…

Consider that last year, even with a hyped QB class and the first three picks being QB’s only six were drafted before the third round.

Plus he’s considered a pure pocket passer. A lot of teams are looking for a dual threat guy these days. But it seems the Lions are investing a lot into a potentially dominant Oline and Run game. A smart accurate pocket passer with an arm to throw deep might be ideal

It’s said that Pickett doesn’t have a big arm to make many deep throws…yet he can make all the throws, that was from Walter…

Any QB we took would not start this year. So you are gonna sit a first round pick then not take a QB next year from a better QB class? I don’t like the idea.

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With what our OLine and running game “should” be, I’d start a rook right away on this team. Spend on a FA WR, along with a top 50 pick or so.

It just isn’t going to happen imo with the financial investment we made to Goff. No way we start a rookie next season unless they find a trade partner for Gofff which I don’t think is realistic.

I think the only reason Goff is still starting is that the team knows the back ups are even worse.

It will be interesting to see how Detroit handles the offseason when it comes to QB position. Goff is the only QB we have under contract. I would guess we sign a cheap FA and draft a QB.

We are going to take a financial hit when we dump Goff. It’s just a matter of when and how much it is going to hurt. If the FA we sign or QB we draft is outplaying Goff, the team will sit him or cut him.

What I don’t like is the thought of watching this staff get this year of failure, then another year of failure, THEN getting to draft a QB with the excuse that it’s a better class, then getting another year as a throw away because they were saddled with a rookie QB.

Is next years class sure fire enough to guarantee us better than Matt Corral if we somehow win 7 games? I think we have to let this staff get on with their future at QB sooner rather than later. So far they haven’t won one game and mid way through the season the HC thought highly enough of himself to take over play calling even though he hasn’t ever done it. He hasn’t won a game since doing so. I haven’t “jumped ship” but to me that is a little bit troubling.

I was ok with the “leader of men” philosophy when DC wasn’t at the gameday wheel. But he anointed himself more than that. If I’m a potential OC like Mike Kafka, how do I view this situation? When is DC going to jump in and decide he can do it better than me? Anyway, sorry for the long ramble. I’m just ready to get the show on the road at QB and to me, this staff needs to show it can win some freaking games or I’ll be looking at the horizon.


I don’t think it’s a throw away season, but what if we go 7- 10 next year? That would be a huge improvement on this year and I feel is realistic. Still looking at drafting high but show signs of growth. You would still get a QB as good as anything this year.

I think if we can add some capable WRs (one high priced FA and one with the Rams pick or our 2nd), we will be a very QB friendly place for a young QB. Obviously we need to find a better OC and maybe even QB coach as well.

With our O-Line and running game along with a very good pass catching RB and TE a rookie can come in and be a “game manager”. I think we desperately need to add a do it all WR and someone who can take the top off a defense.