What are the chances we draft this kid

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no idea. Until we get a GM, HC and OC in here and get an idea of their philosophy and what they prioritize as needs.

Wow what balance and speed!!!

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I’d love it bc he’s so much fun to watch on top of being a really good player. I think he’s likely in the no man’s land before our first and second round picks though. Maybe if his forty disappoints he might slide to our 2nd rounder.

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Rondale would be a really nice 2nd rd pick if he’s still available.

Hasn’t he been injured the past 2 years? Was really impressive as a freshman though.

Eric Metcalf-type?

yea maybe even a touch better? I don’t think metcalf had THAT kind of stop start ability. Crap I’d love to draft this kid. Even puts his shoulder down when he needs to, and he doesn’t need to too much.

Wow! IMO, that’s a big statement. I would be ecstatic. Love how he was KR/PR, Slot, RB guy.

He’s more of a pure WRer then Metcalf. He’s like Golden Tate but a little bit smaller and with more juice.

Moore also lifts some crazy amounts. Can’t remember the specifics but they were Laviska Shenault type weight room exploits.


Would be a home run of a second rounder. For some reason I’ve just started coping with the fact that GB will draft him late in the first,

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Some nice plays, but ALOT of poor tackling. Almost half that video wouldn’t have happened had they wrapped him up instead of trying to knock him over.

I posted about Rondale last year, can’t even remember when…but yeah, the kid is GT on steroids.

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this guy looks like all that. they use him really smart and get him in space. although when he gets in a crowd he can push thru it. I loved metcalf, I always tried to draft him in FF :slight_smile: imagine how much this guy would open up an offense. and then with swift in the backfield D coordinators would be struggling to contain that.

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Fav player in cfb. When he’s not injured, Purdue football was a must see.

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I’ve wanted us to have something like him, since Barry left. I have wished for a Metcalf-type, only because I don’t feel I’ll ever see another Sanders-type in my life (there’s no such thing - only one)

He’s exceptionally difficult to tackle though. I think he makes a lot of defenders tentative for that reason.

Javian Hawkins is going to declare and though he’s tiny he’s really, really fun to watch.

And then there’s Kadarius Toney of course who will make some absolutely mind blowing jukes and cuts.

I know folks are all for adding to the defense and I want that as well, but I desperately want to add one or two guys with some serious juice to this offense.

Waddle is silly as well but we’ll have to use our first in order to get him.

I loved Brandin Cooks and Tavon Austin in college. But watching them in the pros gives me caution on small WR’s like R. Moore. NFL defenders just jam these small WR’s and knock them off their routes to take them out of plays. They are a liability in the redzone as a result.

Then you toss in the fact that more often than not these smaller guys tend to get hurt more … well I’m a hard pass and I think R. Moore is one hell of a player too. I want a bigger, more physical WR that can run great routes.

Moore is much stronger than Cooks and especially Austin. Cooks has also been fairly productive when healthy. Just productive enough to get traded apparently, but fairly productive regardless.

Austin was always an overdraft. I would not be a fan of picking Moore nearly that high. Brandin Cooks went 20 and I could see that potentially happening for Moore. But he better run well or he will slide given the depth.

There are probably close to 2 dozen WRs in this draft that I really like. Well presuming the guys that I expect to declare all do. So I’m totally fine waiting on one. If we wait I’d prefer to get two of them.