What are the chances

What are the chances we win out? We win out and knock ourselves out of drafting in the top 10. The toughest gameout of the four is the Vikes. I know my Lions luck and I think we win out!

I think we get really really close to winning in every game but we end up losing at the end for some strange reason…

If our offensive weapons come back healthy, and the defense stays healthy, it could happen.
That would be so typically Lions!
Just the thought and I feel like puking.

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If Seattle beats Minnesota and Dallas beats Philadelphia next week then we would have a shot at the 6th spot in the NFC. Not that we’ll win out, but if we did there might be something more than draft position at stake.

Way to go out on a limb, lol. You just described my whole experience of watching the Lions the last 50 years.


I say shut everything down. Only play guys who are looking for a roster spot at this point. I would treat these games like it was the second half of preseason game 2. With only one more home game, I don’t think it would be too crazy to do this.

Well, week 17 is going to be a pride game. In Lambeau. I really don’t like our chances there. Minny is in an all-out battle for playoff positioning right now with Philly, Dallas, Washington and Carolina. They are playing for their lives. If they are somehow eliminated, we might have a chance. But, the strength of their team is their DL which is going up against the weakness of our team, which is the OL. That’s going to produce wins for the stronger team virtually every time unless you have a mobile QB, which we don’t.

So, really, I don’t see much of a chance at all. We have a greater chance of putting together an impressive game in Buffalo, build up a little bit of confidence and then go to Arizona and finding a way to lose against a team that has struggled more than we have this year.

What better way than to keep the fans optimistic and still get a top pick!!!

I do hope we beat GB though!!!

While I realize Dallas beating Philly would be a good thing for the Lions playoff chances, I just can’t bring myself to root for Dallas.

You can’t really do that in the NFL because there aren’t enough roster spots. The only way to make it happen would be to IR a bunch of starters and pick guys up off of the street or raid practice squads. I don’t think you are going to learn much about the new players with only a few weeks left in the system, and its going to be hard to evaluate the young guys we already have on the roster when they are surrounded by a bunch of scrubs and new guys. I think you have to be extremely targeted in a position or two or a few players that you want to put in the game and see what they’ve got.


Of course. Lions could go 2-14, but a sweep against GB makes for a successful season.

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Living in Wisconsin I couldn’t agree more!