What are your favorite

Brad Holmes moves since he became the Lions GM? With all the hate BH has gotten in the past I thought a positive thread with positive vibes might be fun.

Stafford Trade -
Sewell -
Hutch -
Not paying Golladay -
Cutting Flowers -
Trading/not paying TJ -
Signing Jamaal Williams -
St. Brown -
McNeil -
Rodriogo -
K. Joesph -
Other -

Of all these moves my favorite is not re-signing Golladay. I feel like the Salary Cap management has ALWAYS been an issue. We over pay or sign guys who are mid players to long term contracts. The salary cap will be back under control this coming year for the first time in a decade and we have some good young talent to go with it.



UDFA Brock Wright
UDFA Jerry Jacobs
waiver claim on Comiskey
waiver claim on Josh Reynolds
signed Charles Harris
waiver claim Isaiah Buggs (playing better lately)

minimal cost…. decent production.
bottom of roster is key for a GM too.


Gotta be the Stafford Trade… which is still coming together.

Goff has been decent for the Lions, we are 7-7 in his last 14 starts.

We also got Iffy, Jamo and a likely top 5 pick in the 2023 draft! Imagine we add Anderson Jr. in the draft. Shit, that is one heck of a haul for #9.


@Longinthetooth good point on KG. This was a move he did in contradiction of what many wanted. And obviously looks like he made the right choice.

I will vote for ARSB. Amazing draft choice, fit, culture setter. And passing on WR after WR to get one of the best of the bunch. I can’t remember a time we drafted a top receiver outside the top 3 rounds.


And lions got a compensation pick for the kg walk…


Sewell and Hutch were kind of no-brainer picks so I’m not going with those. I will say it’s a two way tie between getting Jamaal and Amon Ra. Two cornerstone culture pieces who can actually bring it on the field. Kerby and Rodrigo are in second place with Sewell and Hutch just based on the value of where they were picked vs their production.


not just a comp pick anymore….
we got a muthafukkin BALL HAWK for letting KG walk!!!


Extending Fox!!!

I was thinking that too. Huge double-positive.
Rookie contract for a top 10 rookie defender.
Saved allllll that money on a non-productive cap drain.