What are your Keys to beating the Packers?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Control the Time of Possession by pounding them with the run.
  2. Activate Levi Onwuzurike and Julian Okwara and keep that SOB in the pocket.
  3. Play a two deep shell which is our base anyway ( - edited from original “cover 2”)
  4. Don’t let them get going with the run game or its gonna be a really long game.

Cause a Covid-19 outbreak that originates in UN-vaccinated players. That way they have to forfeit as per new covid rules regarding unvaccinated players! :slight_smile:


I like where your head is at. :rofl:

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Out physical on both sides of the ball.

Packers are known to fold when facing a more physical team like the bucs or in this case the saints.

They are missing a few key players in both trenches. If the Lions want the best shot to win, they need to move the trenches on both sides.


Seems smart to force competition especially between Bryant and Okwara.

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put up enough points so that the refs can’t gift them the game


Great point. I mean who are the refs this week? Should we be extra worried or just typically worried?

I’m going extra worried now that you point this out since the Pack can’t be allowed to go 0-2.


The guy’s name is Adrian Hill. He’s only been a ref for 2 years (was a line judge, field judge starting in 2010). Get this - he’s a rocket scientist! And he doesn’t say that’s a good thing for being involved with football. Quite the opposite. He said its particularly challenging because rocket science and footbll are on opposite ends of the spectrum and it uses 2 different sides of the brain. :rofl:

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Or…NFL ownership doesn’t appreciate a player trying to hold a franchise hostage.

Green Bay plays SF next and then Pittsburgh. If we manage to beat them on Monday night, Green Bay could realistically be looking at 0-4 and the end of the Erin Rogers era for the Packers.

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Run the ball. Run the ball. Run the ball. Green Bay gave up 171 yds on the ground, which is 40 more than our defense gave up last week. We however gave up 4.7 YPC, they had 4.4.

The Defense needs to play more like the second half D from last week and never play like the trash we saw in the first quarter from that game again. Need constant pressure on Rodgers and contain their running game including AR.

Goff and the passing game need to keep growing and gaining confidence. Find a rhythm behind the running game and open up the offense more. This is actually a weekly request.

Special teams needs to capitalize on mistakes and not give up chances to put points on the board. Fox needs to pin them deep when called upon. I was thinking…if Fox get’s even better at punting and pinning teams deep. I think we should call the pinning…the FoxHole…or Foxholing. Gruden has his Turkey Hole. Right?

Keep composure and keeping fighting. It’s Lambeau, all sorts of crazy crap has happened there.


A-A-Ron could get arrested in a case of mistaken identity… right @TNutZz ???


Pipe bombs???

Definitely think there is something to this.

Erin has gotten too big for his britches. Turning off Green Bay fans.

Time to send a message.

The NFL made you boy. Don’t mess with us.

the jesus win GIF

I thought he sort of gave off a Jesus from Big Lebowski vibe.


A write up on the subject.

Hopefully we can do some of the things the Saints. We have coaches that know what they do on D very well, and we have a good inside on their ground game with JWill.


Now that is a good take! Did not think of that but you make a very interesting point!

This is what I hope for every week… just come out and blow them out by 40 so it doesn’t matter

I think we can beat them. Get a lead and cram it down their throats.

Game scripts are going to be crucial this year. This is not a good roster to play catch up with.

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execution , team being on the same page working together, keep penalties way down, produce every time we have the football , leave the refs out…you don’t make questionable mistakes/penalties and give them the opportunity to burn us , play tough all the way though every quarter. use your heads and play smart…no bonehead plays…and keep Goff upright and clean !